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How to Disguise Thin Arms – 4 Tips and the Sight will Disappear Temporarily

Improving one’s appearance can sometimes cause stress, especially if we are so conscious about the imperfections of our body. People always want to look beautiful in the eyes of everybody. One of the most visible parts is our arms. Some people have bony arms; this is one of the reasons why some head to the gym to tone down their muscles by doing weight training. Some would resort to body lifts as well. If you think you have the problem and you want to improve it, here are tips you can make use of to disguise thin arms.

Disguise Thin Arms

Disguise Thin Arms

Tip #1: Hit to the Gym and do some upper body resistance training.

Try to build a firmer and leaner body mass that can very well define skinny arms. If you don’t like to do some weight lifting, you can ask your personal trainer to schedule a session that will focus on exercises on how to define your thin arms.

Tip #2: Purchase an instructional DVD.

If you find it expensive to get a personal trainer, you can purchase some DVD’s available in the store that gives instructions on how to build muscles in the arms. It’s important to know how you can work on muscles in the arms and shoulders to get a good result. If you want to work out at home and don’t have any weights, you can buy some resistance bands that help tone the arms and upper body. Weight training is the only way you can permanently change the look of your thin arms. Gaining a little weight can help too.

Tip #3: Undergo tanning.

When your skin is too light, it will appear skinnier. So try to look tanned. If you don’t have time to go lying under the sun, you can use products that could help tan your skin. Your arms will look more defined and less skinny as soon as the color appears. Use a tanner if you want to use some sexy clothing that will expose your thin arms to attend especial occasions.

Tip #4: You can also conceal those thin arms by choosing the right clothes for you.

One of the best ways is to wear long and billowing sleeves that will cover your arms, and divert the attention to your hands by having good manicured hands. Long sleeves with vibrant prints and colors are also a good cover ups. As much as possible, don’t use long sleeves with dark colors and those that fit snuggly on your arms because these will define the shape of your thin arms.

If you are wearing short sleeves, wear some colorful necklaces instead of wearing bracelets. This is to draw attention to your neck instead of your arms. Never use spaghetti strap dresses or blouses, unless you are wearing blazers or anything that will cover your arms. The bottom line here is you should know how to create an illusion with clothes. You will not only be fashionable, but also improve some flaws of your body.

Every time you show off your arms, you want them to look lean and strong. We can’t avoid imperfections but we can look and feel better if we just have the right information on how to disguise thin arms.

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