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How to Use Botox under the Chin – 4 Tips to Discuss the Treatment with Your Doctor

Botox is described as a type of treatment that is injected within the muscles, particularly on the face. It is used to lessen the manifestation of tiny streaks and creases by means of soothing the muscles. It is prepared using   botulinum toxin and is accepted by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of streaks and creases on your face. It is also considered helpful in treating other parts of the body as well as the chin. In this page, you can learn how to use Botox under the chin.

Before going to these tips, you have to learn more about how Botox came into being. Botox was initially intended for the treatment of muscle spasms and it is at present being advertised as Botox cosmetics intended for repairing fine lines and wrinkles. It can only be administered by a skilled doctor or nurse for the matter.

Use Botox under the Chin

Use Botox under the Chin

Tip #1:  Inquire more facts about Botox injection through your physician.

If you are a possible candidate for this treatment, the physician will inject the Botox in the wrinkled part of your chin, commencing at the angles of the mouth and going down beneath the chin. Also, you should ask your physician if Botox can or cannot constrict the fat wads in the region of your chin.

Tip #2:  Ask for a Botox injection for your chin.

Make sure it is one that can lessen stretched out muscles that produce dimpling results on an extremely coarse exterior on the part of your chin.

Tip #3:  Discuss any pertinent facts with your doctors.

Talk to him about every extraordinary sore, lack of feeling or stinging sensation you will experience after the Botox injections. It is also important that you tell your doctor if you are using your chin or mouth to play a musical instrument before obtaining the treatment because it may get in the way with the utilization of the facial muscles.

Tip #4:  Learn about the Botox injection procedure.

Wipe the location where the injection will be done with disinfected cotton ball and rubbing alcohol and let the alcohol fade away totally. Weaken the Botox with little quantity of denatured saline and lengthen the syringe to gather 3 ml of Botox. The doctor will put the needle about the middle of the patient’s face at the other side of the glower line. While the patient is making a frown on her face, the physician will inject 6 units in the muscle and will also do at the other side.

The doctor will request you to raise your eyebrows and inject the 3 units of Botox on every side of the middle of the brow where the fine lines usually appear. The physician will then massage the location of the injection cautiously to proliferate the medication. He/she will direct you to remain erect for four hours after the medication and to shift your face all-around. It is also necessary to exercise the muscles that had been injected for about 10 times every hour for the initial four hours.

Using Botox is favorable to keep the chin away from sagging. It is always essential to seek doctor’s help.


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