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How to Lift Breasts with Duct Tape – 6 Steps to do the Process

Breast enhancement is no longer a taboo nowadays. There are so many things you can do to solve the problem of sagging and even small breasts. Sagging breasts in particular is not a problem anymore because you can lift them by using some forms of breast enhancement products. One of the most popular techniques in breast lifting is through the use of a duct tape. A duct tape is not a surgical procedure, but it can help tremendously in lifting as well as enhancing your breasts without the use of a bra. The duct tape method will set you free to dress in low-cut tops, tubes and tank tops as well as in backless pieces of clothing.  Here is how you can lift breasts with duct tape.

Lift Breasts with Duct Tape

Lift Breasts with Duct Tape

Step #1:  Prepare the things you need.

It is important that you should get all the things needed for duct tape breasts lifting. You will need a duct or medical-grade tape, rubbing alcohol, cotton balls, scissors, wall mirror, adhesive bandages, baby oil, moisturizer, and mild soap.

Step #2:  Put the tape.

Cleanse your skin where the tape will be placed, but do not moisturize it. If you want to rub on perfume or deodorant you can do it later. Before putting on the tape, make sure to rub down the skin with cotton balls moistened with rubbing alcohol so that the tape will be glued excellently.

Step #3:  Slice about three to four bits of duct tape.

Make it around 12 to 16 inches in length. However, these pieces of duct tape must be in accordance with the measurement and extent of your breasts. Placing an adhesive bandage on your nipples is not obligatory. You should bend over to some extent to raise breasts properly.

Step #4:  Put one end of the tape beneath your left armpit.

Make sure that you are raising and dragging the breasts during the procedure. Take the tape beneath your breasts until you arrive at the right armpit. Shield the tape by stroking it with your hands from side to side.

Step #5:  Stand erect and thrust your breasts at the same time.

Get another slice of tape and put it from the exterior of your left breast, traversing the nipples to the surface of your right breasts. Flatten it with your fingers to protect and lock up the grip. Get the third slice of tape and put it on top of the second one for strengthening purposes. As usual, flatten the tape for security purposes.

Step # 6:  Time to take some necessary precautions.

Make sure to remove the tape as soon as you go back to your home to give time for your breasts to relax. Do not remove the tape without immersing yourself in a lukewarm tub of water to slacken it off. Pluck out the tape as you hold the nearby skin still, but make sure not to pull your skin. Put on baby oil to remove the glue then cleanse the rest with gentle soap and water. Dry up your skin before putting on moisturizer to make it softer.

These are seven easy steps for this breast enhancement procedure. Who would ever say that a breast lift needs to be expensive all the time?

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