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How to Compare Breast Enlargement Pills – 6 Tips to Purchase these Items

Breast enlargement pills are used to increase size of the breast without undergoing surgical procedures which can leave some scars. In buying these pills it is very important to distinguish a real one and a fake one. You must also know what you are taking and what it can do to your body. Here are some tips to compare breast enlargement pills.

Compare Breast Enlargement Pills

Compare Breast Enlargement Pills

Tip # 1: Look for the active ingredients.

In purchasing a well-known breast enhancement pill, it must contain 100% natural ingredients that include fennel and fenugreek. Fennel contains flavonoids which are also known as metabolites that enhance natural breast enlargement. Fenugreek, on the other hand, stimulates hormonal production. The two most popular breast enlargement pills that contain these ingredients are the Breast Actives and Firmestra.

Tip # 2: Compare enhancement results

Breast Actives, Firmestra among other popular breast enhancement products recommend at least 6 months of usage to achieve best results. Beware of those companies advertising their products to have immediate results. They are most probably a scam. Firmestra even recommend the use of breast enhancement pill and breast enhancement cream to achieve maximum results.

Tip # 3: Check for safety.

You can check Food and Drug Administration’s GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe), if the ingredients of your breast enlargement pills are posted in there. Not all supplemental pills are safe to use. In that case you should consult your doctor for the possible side effects before deciding to use them. The ingredients of Firmestra, Beauti-full and a lot more brands have their ingredients posted on the FDA’s GRAS list. These are safe to use.

Tip # 4: Look for ones with herbs and other natural ingredients.

There are also breast enlargement pills that are natural thus containing herbs and dietary supplements.  They help increase the bust size and enhance firmness of the breast. However you need to follow the instructions on how to take them for your own safety and for best results as well. Inform your doctor if you have allergies and all medications you are taking which include herbal supplements so as to avoid negative reactions. Although it is not yet proven that these herbs can increase breast size they are safe to try for most women.

Tip # 5: Take note of risks connected with ingredients of the products.

Most of the breast enlargement pills contain a combination of natural herbal ingredients which are believed to work as estrogens in the body to enhance breast tissue. Such ingredients are black cohosh, isoflavones, fennel and fenugreek. Although these herbs are said to be safe, you can’t avoid the risk of having a negative reaction from any one take of the said ingredients.

Tip #6: Heed the instructions that come with your purchase.

It is better then, to take a pill with individual herb and introduce them one at a time and gradually increase the amount. You may take 1-2 pills on the first day then increase your dose on the next consecutive days until you take the maximum dose at the end of the week. If you do not experience negative reaction, try to take the second herb in the same manner while continuing to take the first pill.

These are tips on how to compare breast enlargement pills available in the market these days. Do not take the risk or you may suffer other drastic effects later on.

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