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How to Enlarge Breasts in Women – 6 Tips to Make Women’s Breasts Larger and Attractive

Women who have enlarge breasts feel and look more feminine. This also adds to their self-esteem making them more confident. Therefore women who are not endowed with large breasts find ways to enlarge them so that this will make them wear blouses and dresses that are cut mainly to emphasize a woman’s breast. For those women who are not satisfied with the size of their breasts, they can improve them through exercises, garment enhancements and through cosmetic surgery. As a result this will make their breasts larger and firmer which makes them noticeable. This is what women usually desire and what men admire most. For those of you who desire to have large and attractive bosoms, here are tips on how to enlarge breasts in women.

Enlarge Breasts in Women

Enlarge Breasts in Women

Tip # 1: Do some breasts exercises.

Some exercises can help enlarge breasts. This can be done by increasing muscle mass under the chest giving the breasts an uplifted appearance and larger look as well. There are several exercises that you can do that works best both with the chest and shoulders.

Tip # 2: Exercise the chest.

Exercising the chest to help increase breast size can be done on special chest press machines that are found at the gym or you can do it using free weights. Using free weights to do a chest press can be done by lying at your back and extending your arms out to the side holding a 5 or 10 pound weights in each hand. Bring the weights up in a circular movement meeting at a chest level.

Tip # 3: Do some shoulder press.

The shoulder press exercise is good for building mainly the pectoral muscles of the chest. One way of doing this is by lifting a heavier weight than that of the chest press over the head. Then return to the starting position. You can repeat these exercises several times.

Tip # 4: Use some garment enhancements.

Garment enhancements like “falsies” are considered as the secret helpers of a small-chested woman. These “falsies” are made from materials such as rolled up socks and tissue paper. On the other hand some bra manufacturers have developed brassieres with built-in padding and inserts to enhance larger bust appearance. This is to meet the women’s desires of increasing their breast size.

Tip # 5: Use bra that fits you.

An example of this is the Wonder Bra created by Victoria Secret which was introduced in 1990. It helped pushed up the breasts and added a bra size although it was a lightly-lined underwire bra. From the Wonder Bra, some bra manufacturers continue to create brassieres that helps flatter and enlarge busts.

Tip # 6: Undergo cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery is one popular way of breast enlargement. This trend has been practiced for the past few years and is being accepted to enlarge breasts permanently. They use either saline or silicone for breast implants. You can choose the cup size and create the bust size you’ve always wanted to have and let it be done by a skilled surgeon. However cosmetic surgery is very expensive and can leave permanent scars. It also requires considerable length of time for healing after surgery. It has also some side effects like painful hardening of silicone implants.

These are tips you can take note of if you want to enlarge breasts. The combination includes exercises or garment considerations. When these two won’t work, then cosmetic surgery may be an option.

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