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How to Fatten Breasts – 6 Tips that Will Help You Augment Your Breast’s Size

A woman with even cleavage boosts self-esteem. If you have well-proportioned breasts, it can increase your self-confidence and enhance your femininity. And what’s more? According to research, males are more attracted to women with fuller breasts. A woman who is flat-chested can look devastated. However, there are methods that you can apply to fatten and put them back in shape. Here are tips on how you can fatten your breasts and choose what suits you best.

Fatten Breasts

Fatten Breasts

Tip #1: Make some trick by wearing a padded bra.

Padded bras can add volume and shape to your breasts. This is because of the added padding that is hidden inside the cups of your bra. You can purchase pads separately and could provide you with minor to major change in cleavage.

Tip #2: Gain weight.

If you are too thin, it would impossible to have fuller breasts. So, try to gain weight. Increase the amount of calorie intake on a daily basis and high fat, low density lipoprotein cholesterol foods into your diet will trigger the body to gain weight. Good examples of these are nuts, healthy vegetable oils, dry fruits, and fatty fish. This method will help you gain weight all over your body including your breasts. When your body fat increases, so will your breast because they are made entirely of fat.

Tip #3: You can also use breast enhancement pills or creams.

These products are usually derived from a plant called phytoestrogens which claim to stimulate breast tissue growth. These products have not been proven to be effective, but you might still want to try it before resorting to a more drastic measure like breast surgery. You can also start a course of estrogen pills to help direct more fat depositing cells into your breasts. Estrogen regulates your breast growth which can help increase your breast size.

Tip #4: You can also purchase a breast enhancing device called Brava.

This is a shaping system that uses domes that are positioned over the breast. This device works by triggering tissue expansion through the application of a three-dimensional pulling sensation. When used for 10 weeks at 10 hours per day, this method can enhance your breast by one cup size. This method is said to be clinically proven for breast enhancement.

Tip #5: Try breast implants.

If you can afford the cost of breast enlargement surgery, this then go for it. These come in different sizes from small to extra large. Ask your doctor about breast implants and educate yourself about the benefits, possible results and risks of breast augmentation.

Tip #6: You can also do some exercises that will tone your breast and give the impressions of fuller breasts.

But remember that breasts are entirely composed of fats rather than fats and muscles unlike other areas of the body. If you cannot bulk them with exercise the fat cannot be worked out. Exercise can only tone the muscles around the breast area.

Before you start to take some medications for breast enlargement, always consult your doctor first. Some of these methods to enlarge breasts as mentioned above work instantly while others work over time.

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