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How to Remove Breast Implants

Nowadays, it is not only sexy celebrities who are undergoing the procedure of breast implant, but also women who simply want to feel more attractive. But because of the unhappy results or after years of problem, some wish to have their breast implants removed. You should think many times before you decide if you really want to take out your breast implants. It will change many things in your life just like it did when you decided to get breast implants. Allow yourself to think and fully investigate if you really need to remove breast implants and make sure you follow the tips below.

Tip #1: Make a decision.

Decide if you really want to take them off or just replace them with new implants. Some women for example, will choose to remove their current implants just to be replaced by smaller implants, or vice versa. Others choose to remove their breast implants totally.Remove Breast Implants

Tip #2: Consider the implants’ location.

You should also consider the location of the breast implants, because the complete removal will depend on where your current implants are placed. Implants are either placed above or below the muscles. Women whose implants are located above the muscle or just under the breast tissue will naturally have more deformity after complete removal.

Tip #3: It’s better if you visit your doctor first and ask for a suggestion.

Don’t be afraid to get a second opinion or even a seventh opinion before you finalize your decision. Removing your breast implants will rely on your decision. You can only ask suggestions from your doctor but the decision will still come from you. Doctors are like artists because they create beauty but their ideas and opinions are different. Some doctors will encourage you to have breast implants while others will ask you to remove them. Talk to your doctor whether you need to undergo local or general anesthesia. Breast implant removal can take up to 30 minutes or even up to one hour. You don’t need to stay in the hospital anymore because if the procedure is successful, the doctors will allow you to go home after the surgery.

Tip #4: Consider the costs.

Try to figure out if you can handle the expenses in removing breast implants. Getting or removing breast implants are sometimes not covered by your insurance and the procedure is quite expensive.

Tip #5: Be prepared.

You must be prepared of the changes after the removal, physically and emotionally. If you decide to completely remove your implants and not replacing them with new implants, you will feel different and look different. So you should weigh your options because the doctors can only offer advice, but the decision is ultimately up to you.

Tip #6: Look at scars from the breast augmentation process.

Find the scar acquired from the breast augmentation procedure, because this is also the place where your doctor will make the incision for the removal of breast implants. The implant and the capsules are completely removed and also scar tissues. Your doctors will also check for silicone leakage. This is also the time your doctor will perform breast lift or re-implant if you don’t like to totally remove the implants. The incision I stitched and your breast will be protected by a bandage.

These are basically what you must be prepared of when you want to remove breast implants. The final decision is yours but you also have to ask for suggestions especially from experts.

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