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How to Lift Breasts Without a Bra – 7 Steps to Use a Special Type of Adhesive for Breast Lifting

Are you having a problem on how to wear that drop-dead gorgeous dress, but can’t wear it with a bra? Lots of women encounter this kind of problem because without bra your breasts would not look as flattering as you would have liked them to be. There are many tricks that you can do such as putting body tape with body pads which comes in skin color to perfectly match the color of your skin. Here is how you can lift breasts without a bra.

Lift Breasts Without a Bra

Lift Breasts Without a Bra

Step #1: Use bra adhesives.

There are two kinds of bra adhesives, the breast lift adhesives and bra cup adhesives. Breast lift adhesives can be attached to the bottom or center of the breast. A bra cup adhesive on the other hand is a silicone cup shaped like a breast but only the size of a bra cup. The bra cup has a sticky tape or built in adhesive to attach to the breast.

Step #2: You must first educate yourself about this product.

Make sure that you have the guts to wear dresses without a bra. After all, this is now the time when you want nothing to interfere between that beautiful dress and your beautiful body. This product works best in sizes B to double D cups. This was designed to enhance and improve the look of the breasts that suffer from looseness or sagging. This stage of skin change is unavoidable, because skin sagging has various reasons such as nursing, weight loss and age. This is one way on how we can enhance our breasts without undergoing breast lifts considered as invasive procedures.

Step #3: Make sure your breasts are dry.

Before putting on the adhesive, make sure your breasts are clean and dry. This product comes with a wax paper. Keep the paper because you will still need this to store the adhesives after use to retain the adhesiveness.

Step #4: Start by pushing inside with your index finger under the areola.

Do it as far as you can to get the best result. Position your index finger as far as it can go, and gather the loose skin together using your free fingers. Hold all the loose skin together in this way so that the rest of the skin will be tight.

Step #5: Gently lift the breast up.

This is so that you can see the lower part of the breast where you will put the adhesive. Now position the broader part of the adhesive about half an inch from the canal (that was formed by gathering the skin under your breast). Position the narrow part upward and hold. Don’t stick yet.

Step #6: Push nipples inside.

Use your index finger to push your nipples inside and once again bring the skin together to form a canal, just like you did with the skin under your breast. Your nipple should be inside when you finish this. Then position your hand upward to allow the narrow part of the adhesive to stick.

Step #7: Smooth the adhesive.

This can be done by running your hands over the breast. You are now ready to wear anything and look sexy.

To achieve excellent results, be sure to use this special product for breast lifting correctly. This is a painless method of breast enhancing but don’t use this for more than 12 hours at a stretch. To avoid itchiness, simply apply some cold cream after removing the product.

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