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How to Lift Saggy Breasts – 4 Tips to Lift your Breasts

Breasts are considered beautiful assets of a woman’s body. At youth you may have full breasts but at time as you grow old they also tend to droop down. What can you do to lift up those breasts? If you do facials to rejuvenate your face, manicure and pedicure to groom the nails of your hands and feet, why not try to wear those uncomfortable underwire bras to lift sagging breasts? Or you may also consider other tips to lift saggy breasts.

Lift Saggy Breasts

Lift Saggy Breasts

Tip # 1: Let us first discuss the causes of sagging breasts.

Breasts as we know are not made of muscles but are made of tissues only that’s why they are being stretched when pulled down naturally by gravity. Therefore breasts naturally sag a little especially if they are big and heavy. Other factors that cause saggy breasts include pregnancy. This is the time when estrogen and progesterone stimulate glands in the breasts’ fatty tissues.

Menopause also causes saggy breasts because there is lack of estrogen during menopause and this reduces their size. Breastfeeding also loosens breasts but there’s no other way to feed infants since this is the most nourishing food for them. Every woman with a child can’t avoid breastfeeding. Gravity puts breast under continuous stress thus causing the skin to loosen. However we can lift saggy breasts in some different ways.

Tip # 2: Do some exercises.

Do the pec fly exercise on a machine at the gym. Repeat this exercise two to four times with 3-5 repetitions. You can rest around two to three minutes in between each repetition. Hold the weight for 15 seconds halfway back for two repetitions for quick results. You can perform these exercises 3-4 times a week or more as long as you feel comfortable. Pec fly exercises will not only help lift saggy breasts but also make the breasts firm and toned.

Tip # 3: Use bra.

A well measured properly fit bra is needed to lift saggy breasts. It is necessary that your bra should rest firmly against your rib cage. Get your breasts measured every 6 months so you can change your cup size once you notice weight gain or weight loss. Better consult a bra specialist for proper cup size. You have to wear sports bra during exercising especially if you have large breasts. Wearing the wrong bras can destroy breast shapes and make them look saggy. Using the right size of bra is very important for the proper care of one’s breasts.

Tip # 4: Massage and moisturize.

To rebuild the elasticity of your breasts, massage and moisturize your breasts two times a day using a body lotion or a skin tightening cream. This will make them more toned and give them a firmer look.

It is important to follow the above tips for breast lifts because if you never correct them, this will cause some embarrassments. Besides the tips mentioned above, there are also some chemical massage creams that can help you or you can go under expensive surgery. For a cheaper remedy there are some natural products that can give you natural lift of your breasts.

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