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How to Differentiate Breast Reduction Techniques – 5 Tips to Learn about Available Procedures

Besides improving the size and shape of one’s breasts, another reason why one patient wants to undergo breast reduction surgery is that they are looking for a way to reduce the pain they are experiencing from an excess weight of having large breasts. All of these problems will be solved by breast reduction. Following the breast reduction techniques will make your breasts proportional to all parts of your body making your clothes fit better. Here is how you can differentiate one from the other.

Differentiate Breast Reduction Techniques

Differentiate Breast Reduction Techniques

Tip #1: Have a background about breast reduction techniques.

Women who usually undergo breast reduction are those who suffer from the pain and discomfort of having heavy and large breasts. This can be done also to correct different sizes of the two breasts. Bilateral breast reduction is performed to reduce the sizes of both breasts while unilateral breast reduction is performed only on one breast. There are also cases in which breast reduction is done on men. If men have gynecomastia which is caused by hormonal imbalance and for the purpose of beautifying or cosmetic purposes also.

Tip # 2: Know the different methods as well.

First is the Pedicle Method. This is the most common method used for breast reduction in which the overall shape and size of the breast is reduced but the functions and sensation of the breasts remain unchanged. This pedicle method has other techniques like McKissock and LeJour which have different scar patterns. Sometimes they also call the pedicle method as anchor method, T-scar or T-incision among others.

Then there is the FNG: Free Nipple Graft. This method is applicable for patients with large breasts. In this method, as the name implies, the nipple is removed and then grafted as a skin graft into its new location. If a patient had this FNG method and will need to have another breast surgery in the future, she has to inform her surgeon so that he will know it’s not a pedicle method breast reduction.

Tip # 3: Establish other breast reduction procedures and incisions patterns.

One is the keyhole incision pattern of pedicle breast reduction. In here, incision is done around the areola and this method is usually used to lift breasts or in minor breast reductions. Then there is liposuction. As the name implies, liposuction is used to reduce breasts. This surgical technique removes the excess fats that are deposited between the skin and muscle. This procedure will tone and reshape the breasts.

Tip #4: Try a new technique called the Stevens Laser Bra.

This technique is developed by Dr. W. Grant Stevens and it is a more advanced method of breast reduction among women. By the use of laser, he generates an “internal bra” as a support for the breast system to provide good shape as well as structure to a heavy and sagging breast.

Tip #5: Discuss all these methods with your doctor.

Before undergoing breast reduction, you have to discuss the various method with your doctor first. Such methods depend on the blood flow and the nerves are arranged in the different areas of the breast. It can be from the top, bottom, side or center of the breast.

Since there are many types of breast reduction techniques, you need to seek advice from your surgeon regarding the best method which best suits you. You all have the tips to reduce breast size as mentioned above. Use them to your advantage.

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