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How to Get a Brow Lift without Surgery or Botox – 7 Tips to Get an Instant Lift in the Brow Line

Anybody can get a brow lift without undergoing surgery or Botox. You can successfully shape and maintain your eyebrows without spending lots of money, consuming too much time and experiencing the pain from plastic surgery and Botox. Follow the tips below and lift your eyebrows in your own time. Find out yourself how you can lift your eyes, look younger, feel better and look well-groomed in your own way.

Brow Lift without Surgery or Botox

Brow Lift without Surgery or Botox

Tip # 1: Get ready with things you need.

Prepare the following things that you will need in lifting your eyebrow: professional eyebrow pencil; eyebrow tweezers; mirror; rich emollient moisturizer; eyebrow pencil; and anti-aging cream

Tip # 2: Shape your eyebrow.

Having droopy eyes caused by incorrect eyebrow shape will make you look older. Shaping your eyebrow properly will improve the overall appearance of your eyes and make them appear brighter. First get a professional in eyebrow waxing to shape your eyebrow correctly so that it is easy for you to maintain it later. In this way you can avoid cosmetic facelift surgery.

Tip # 3: Use rich emollient moisturizer.

Usually having your eyes professionally waxed may cause redness and slight irritation so better have it done when you don’t have any important appointments to attend to. You can use a rich emollient on the waxed area. Tap the eyebrow gently until the redness subsides.

Tip # 4: Draw a line on your brow.

In making the correct eyebrow shape, draw an imaginary line which begins straight above the nose and extend to exterior of the eye. The center line is where you lift the eyebrow.

Tip # 5: Tweeze your hair.

Once the eyebrow gets the correct shape, you can easily maintain it by just tweezing the hair as they begin to show. Get the mirror when plucking each hair. Gently hold the tweezer near the skin and pull out the hair that is visible. Pull out the hairs continuously to avoid further waxing of the eyebrows.

Tip # 6: Use an eyebrow pencil.

For light-colored eyebrows use an eyebrow pencil to highlight them and to enhance their shape and make them more noticeable. Highlight more at the eyebrow area that is close to the nose and taper it lightly as the eyebrow extends outward. Comb the eyebrow hair using the brush of the eyebrow pencil to make them well-groomed. This procedure is an easy alternative to face lift or brow lift surgery.

Tip # 7: Try anti-aging cream.

Apply an anti aging cream to the entire eye which includes the eyelid and above the eyebrow to lift, firm and tighten the skin. Apply the cream two times a day. To inhibit muscle cell contraction up to 24 hours and to reduce wrinkles, you can apply an anti aging firming eye cream. Apply it in the morning and in the afternoon to delicate areas of the eye.

This procedure to get a brow lift does not require too much of your time and you don’t need to pay the expensive fee for a plastic surgery or Botox. You can enjoy this brow lift without feeling any pain and have a more youthful look while feeling well-groomed at the same time.

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