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How to Buy Eye Color Contacts – 7 Tips to Help You Get the Contacts that Suit Your Eyes Best

Wearing eye colored contacts is almost the same like wearing makeup. They both change one’s look noticeably. Anyone who wants to change the color of their eyes can wear a pair of eye colored contacts whether they have vision problems or not. The use of eye colored contacts has something to do with fashion at the same time. Read the following tips as your guide when you want to buy eye color contacts and if you want to wear one.

Buy Eye Color Contacts

Buy Eye Color Contacts

Tip # 1: Consult an eye professional

Look for an optometrist who has been practicing for some time and one that you can trust on. Have a complete eye checkup to determine if you are capable of wearing an eye color contact. Get a prescription from her and you can also ask her to fit the contact lenses.

Tip # 2: Know your prescription.

Your optometrist can provide you a prescription if you buy your contacts somewhere other than her own clinic. She will indicate in the prescription your exact eye measurements even if you do not have eye or vision problems. Bring your prescription because you need this in buying your eye color contacts even if you buy it online from websites such as 1-800-Contacts.

Tip # 3: Try different contact lenses.

As you go to any eyewear store or your optometrist’s clinic, you can try several eye contact lenses to determine what color is good for you. Find one that matches with the outfits you have. Avoid buying contact lenses that you can only wear in certain occasions unless money is not a problem. Consider looking at the color charts for each contact lens brand to choose the right color for you.

Tip # 4: Compare prices.

Research for the eye contact prices and compare it among different lens providers. If you buy it online, consider the costs of shipping so that you can compare it with local contact lens providers. Consider also the convenience and the service they can provide you at the local stores where you purchase your lenses than on online stores.

Tip # 5: Try on the contacts.

If you choose to purchase the contact lens from your optometrist’s clinic, try on the contacts. In some cases, the doctor will provide you with samples of colored contacts for you to try on. In buying one, you must make sure that the contacts feel comfortable on your eyes and make sure you choose the color you really want. After purchasing the right one for you, get fitted for the contact. Your optometrist’s staff can test your eyes with their sizing machines so as to get a perfect fit.

Tip # 6: Take care of your eye color contacts.

Use the manufacturer’s recommended contact solutions to take care of your contact lens. Never use plain water for contact solution.

Tip #7: Consider all other useful reminders.

Buying your contact lens online is not a good idea because contacts have sizes and it is important to purchase the correct size. Do not wear anybody’s contact lenses. This may not be the right size for you.

These are things to consider when you want to buy eye color contacts. You should not base it from your desire but your need for this cosmetic accessory as well.

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