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How to Choose a Contact Lens Color – 8 Tips in Choosing the Right Color for Your Eyes

Contact lenses, besides improving your vision, can also be an accessory or element of your personal style. A lot of people wish to change the color of their eyes. Using colored contact lens can change your eye color daily through the use of disposable contact lens or longer if you use regular contact lens. Contact lenses are available in various color and options. There are lenses that can completely change your eye color, enhance the natural color of your eyes or can brighten your eyes with sparkle and shimmer. Natural colors are available in blue or brown and exotic shades are available in violet or topaz. You can get your contact prescription from your optometrist and once you have it you can easily determine what color is best for you. Here are ways on how to choose a contact lens color.

Choose a Contact Lens Color

Choose a Contact Lens Color

Tip # 1: Choose your color.

If you want your present eye color and you want it to look a bit deeper then you can consider enhancement tints. This kind of contacts can make your blue-grey eyes bright blue, dark brown eyes golden or light green or hazel eyes a bright green. These tints can give a splash to your color but not alter the color of your eyes completely.

Tip # 2: Choose color tints.

If you want to change your eye color completely you can choose from color tints. These kinds of colored contacts are opaque and can change your existing eye color to a new one. An example of this is dark brown eyes that can be tinted to light blue or amethyst.

Tip # 3: Consider skin and hair color.

When choosing a contact lens color, you have to consider your skin and hair color. For somebody who has a dark skin tone, dark brown hair and dark eyes, a light blue color contact lens is best recommended. For those who have a light skin, blonde hair and light eyes, a golden brown or dark green contact lens is good for them.

Tip # 4: Choose one that blends with your features.

For a less dramatic approach, you can choose a color that blends with your features. If a person has dark skin, dark hair and dark brown eyes, he can choose a dark green or golden brown to enhance his or her natural beauty. For a light skin person with blond hair and gray eyes, a light blue contact lens can enhance her natural features best.

Tip # 5: The skin tone is also important.

One important factor in order to determine what lens color you should have is your skin tone. Try to examine your skin or ask a friend or visit a cosmetics counter to do it. You must know if your skin, eye and natural hair color are warm or cool based.

Tip # 6: Have an eye exam.

Visit your optometrist and have an eye exam. Purchase contact lenses only from your optometrist or eye-care professional and you need a prescription to be able to buy contact lenses.

Tip # 7: Jot down examples of colored contacts.

Make options of the available contact lens and browse examples of each. You can ask your eye-care professional for a second opinion because they are experts in matching lenses to faces.

Tip # 8: Request for trial.

You can request a trial period with your lenses. The eye-care professionals usually allow their patients to try this contact lens for a short period of time so as to determine if they are the right one for you.

These are tips that will work well if you are choosing colored contacts that will work for you. The steps are quite easy to follow. You consider your features and of course ask help from experts.

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