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How to Test Fresh Look Colored Contacts – 6 Steps to Try this Brand

You are wondering maybe on how to test Fresh Look colored contacts. Maybe you want to know how you would look like with a different eye color. This is what you are going to do. First you can order a free trial pair of colored contacts from Fresh Look.After which you can try different eye colors available online by uploading your picture and choosing various colors to try on your eyes. However ordering a free trial pair requires a prescription for contacts from an eye care professional or a licensed optometrist. In this regard, you can consider the following tips.

Test Fresh Look Colored Contacts

Test Fresh Look Colored Contacts

Step # 1: Prepare materials you need for testing the colored contacts.

First, have on hand the following materials that you’ll be needing. You need a computer, internet access, email address and a close up digital photo of your face.

Step # 2: Take the virtual test.

First fill up the information sheet on the “Color Studio” page that is found on the FreshLook website. They require your email address, password and your age in there. The requirement for the age is above 13 years old and you must agree with the terms indicated in their website. If you agree with their terms then you can proceed to the next step.

Step # 3: Upload your photo.

You must now upload a close up photo of your face on their website. Your picture must have good focus, even lighting and must not have obstructions especially on your eyes.

Step #4: Make necessary adjustments.

Follow the graphic outlines provided by the website and make necessary adjustments to delineate your eyes, pupils and iris by moving the dots, plus signs and donuts as well around the screen of the computer as instructed in every page.

Step # 5: Choose the eye color.

Since there are various colors you can try on you can make your own choice of eye color you want to test. After which you can order a free trial pair of the colored contacts you want the best.

Step # 6: Try the trial pair test.

Click the “get free trial” icon on the Fresh Look website and fill the online order form with the needed information on it such as name, gender, Zip code and email address. After you are done with the form, click the “Submit” icon. Check your email later for the free trial certificate and if you receive it already then print it out.

You can now bring the free trial certificate and redeem it from a local eye care professional. Sometimes the eye care professionals may charge you a fee and some other charge for the “fitting.” Usually contacts cannot be redeemed without a contact prescription. Upon trying the Fresh Look colored contacts, see to it that they fit and test on how they look.

Testing your Fresh Look colored contacts is fairly easy. Just follow necessary and important instructions online and you will get these colored contacts fast and easy. You can try either the virtual or trial pair test. Both will work as you try on your new look with a different pair of colored contacts from this brand.

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