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How to Use Cosmetic Line Fillers – 7 Steps to Conceal Wrinkles and Other Age Signs

You can’t avoid wrinkles because it’s part of the aging process. However, we can lessen the appearances of these ugly crow’s feet, smile lines and bags under our eyes by using chemical peels, Botox and laser procedures. But these treatments can sometimes cost you a fortune. There are other ways on how you can conceal these lines without undergoing invasive and expensive procedures. Make up is one of the best alternatives. There are various ranges of cosmetic line fillers available in beauty stores today that will make you look younger for the day. Most of these products are silicone-based to fill in lines while maintaining the skin’s elasticity. Some of these beauty products contain intense moisturizers like hyaluronic acid to give temporary plumpness to the skin. Here are steps on how to use cosmetic line fillers to help make your skin smooth and conceal imperfections.

Use Cosmetic Line Fillers

Use Cosmetic Line Fillers

Step #1: Prepare.

Prepare all the things you’ll need such as a moisturizer with sun block, neutralizer, a latex make up sponge, liquid concealer, light diffusing concealer and powdered bronzer. These ones are products that can help you in the process.

Step #2: Moisturize.

Make sure to moisturize your face everyday. Dry skin can worsen wrinkles. As much as possible, use a moisturizer that contains sun block like the Olay Age Defying Anti wrinkles UV lotion that contains SPF 15, because UV rays from the sun can damage and dry skin.

Step #3: Neutralize.

Use a neutralizer that will cover age spots and small veins. Green diverts the color of red veins and a pearlized neutralizer will conceal dark blemishes. Using a latex sponge, apply a small amount directly into the skin. Apply makeup gently and never rub it into your skin, because it can cake into your wrinkles and pores that will accentuate blemishes. Find the right shade for your skin color.

Step #4: Conceal.

Apply liquid concealer over your entire face, and be sure to include your chin and neck. Ask some help from the makeup counter attendant to find a color that will match your skin. If you think your skin is oily, you might want to consider using a powder concealer. But powder concealer can accumulate in your wrinkles that will make it more visible. Cosmetic products like Advanced Radiance by Covergirl are good for concealing wrinkles and fine lines.

Step #5: Cover.

Apply under eye liquid concealer to cover dark bags and puffy skin. These products deflect lights off from your face, thus hiding imperfections. Just make sure not to apply too much because your make up could look too shiny. Products like Clinique Line Smoothing concealer was designed to counteract shadows.

Step #6: Use powder.

Apply a powdered bronze by using a brush over the apples of your cheeks, chin, and cheek bones. Powdered bronze will help your face have some structure, that’s the thing you lose due to natural aging process.

Step #7: Purchase wisely.

When purchasing, it is best if you try to match the concealer to the color of your skin by applying a small amount at the back of your hand. Concealers should not be too dark or light from the color of your skin.

The trick in using cosmetic line fillers is the proper application. This method is so convenient and needs no recovery periods unlike cosmetic surgery. You can even do this over a lunch period, and be beautiful instantly!

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