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How to Familiarize Yourself with Cosmetic Toe Shortening Surgery – 5 Tips to Know More about the Procedure

There were different kinds of surgery done many years ago. These are face surgery, liposuction, tummy tucks to name a few. Many people pay a lot of money for these surgeries to improve their looks. Last year, a new cosmetic surgery trend arises and this is called ‘foot lift’.  This kind of surgery involves the shortening of one or more toes in which the procedure pay special attention to an often neglected area of the body and at the same time reducing pain and increasing aesthetic appeal. Read the following tips to know more about this cosmetic toe shortening surgery.

Cosmetic Toe Shortening Surgery

Cosmetic Toe Shortening Surgery

Tip #1: Learn about the procedure.

This toe-shortening surgery is a cosmetic procedure that involves reducing the length of the feet toes. The doctors shorten the toes through the removal of small amounts of bone from one or more of the toe joints. After which the doctor places some pins in the toes to let the toe heal in the proper position. This surgery also involves restructuring of the skin at the end to suit with the new toe length.

Tip # 2: Know more about how long the procedure takes.

According to The Cosmetic Foot Surgery Clinic and, toe shortening surgery is such a fast surgery. One toe shortening takes only 15 to 25 minutes to complete. The patient can make her choice either as in patient or out patient, so she can also choose either local or general anesthesia.

Tip # 3: Ask about recovery period.

The Cosmetic Foot Surgery Clinic said that healing time will take 3 to 4 months for the recovery period while only requires two to three months of healing time. Anyway, this depends on some factors like how many toes will undergo surgery as well as the condition of the patient’s health and his activity level.

Tip # 4: Check for possible complications.

Like any surgeries, the toe shortening surgery has also some risks like infections, corns, nerve injury and pain while walking. This is according to The Cosmetic Foot Surgery Clinic on the other hand mentions that this kind of surgery may result to loss of flexibility in the toe that underwent shortening.

Tip # 5: State your reasons as to why you need to undergo the process.

Besides the risks that a patient may experience after the surgery, she may still decide to have this kind of surgery for some medical reasons. It is because the length of her toe affects her use of footwear, walking, running, and jumping. A longer toe may hinder the equal distribution of weight which is not conducive to the health of the foot joints. Others undergo toe shortening surgery primarily for cosmetic reasons. One may not like how his or her feet look or can’t wear the shoes due to her long toe.

According to, performing the toe shortening surgery purely because of cosmetic reason is controversial because some doctors say or rather believe that the risks of such operation are not worth the aesthetic improvements. They have to talk very well with the patient first and discuss the possible complications of the surgery. This will serve as a guide on whether to go through with the operation or no more.

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