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How to Avoid Crow’s Feet – 7 Tips to Prevent the Sight

Crow’s feet are fine lines and wrinkles that form around your eyes. Although this is a sign of maturity, still these lines are not so good to look at. They branch out horizontally from the corner of the eye towards the ear that looks like the foot of a crow. And because of repeated movements of the skin with age, these wrinkles form. There are many available treatments today that could prevent and correct these fine lines and wrinkles. The most effective and famous of all is the Botox procedure, but this procedure is too costly. Add to that the fact that this is temporary and risky. If you want to avoid crow’s feet, these are the things you need to do.

Avoid Crow’s Feet

Avoid Crow’s Feet

Tip #1: Change your usual pillow case to satin pillow case.

A satin pillow case will lay smoothly against your face, thus preventing wrinkles that are caused by rough fabrics. You can make this a good start to prevent cro’s feet.

Tip #2: Use sunscreen.

Always apply sun screen over your entire face before going out especially if you think you will stay long under the sun. This will protect your skin from UV rays that cause skin cancer, sun spots, and wrinkles.

Tip #3: Wear sunglasses every time you go out under the sun.

Sunglasses will prevent you from too much squinting in an attempt to see clearly against a bright sunlight. Sun exposure could cause damage that turns into crow’s feet, lip wrinkles, smile lines, discoloration and even acne.

Tip #4: Regularly apply moisturizer around your eyes before going to bed.

Moisturizing your skin before going to sleep will keep your skin hydrated, thus preventing wrinkles from appearing. Look for creams that are made specifically for the face and use lotion for your body that contains SPF to keep your skin looking firm and refreshing. Drinking plenty of water will also help you get rid of wrinkles, acne, blemishes because water helps your body heal and regenerate new tissue.

Tip #5: Don’t smoke.

Not only is smoking dangerous to your health but smoke that comes near your eyes causes you to squint, increasing the development of wrinkles. Cigarette smoke can absolutely wreck our skin and the skin’s ability to repair itself will be slow. Crow’s feet, neck wrinkles, and even age spots will crop up immaturely.

Tip #6: Exfoliate.

Aside from daily washing, exfoliate regularly to remove dead skin cells and grimes that accumulate in your skin every day. Replacing old skin cells with new will make your skin look tighter and radiant, minimizing wrinkles.

Tip #7: Always stay healthy.

We cannot control the appearance of wrinkles as we age, but at least we can prevent it from appearing too soon. The longer we can prevent wrinkles, the less visible they will be. Keeping your body and mind healthy means healthy skin that will always look radiant, fresh, smooth and most of all free of wrinkles and unwanted lines. Eat healthy foods, avoid bad vices and exercise.

The best thing that we could do to avoid or lessen the development of crow’s feet is to live a healthy lifestyle. There are other expensive means out there but you cannot exchange them always for the least costly ones.

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