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How to Avoid Double Chin in Photos – 6 Tips to Hide the Sight on Your Chin

A double chin is a condition in which there is an extra skin that hangs underneath the chin. This is often unsightly and annoying that’s why you want to hide it in photographs. Double chins make one look older, unattractive and heavier than what she really is. How do models and actors avoid double chin in photos? Well, there are some tricks to easily hide double chin when somebody is taking a picture of you. Here are some tips to do so:

Avoid Double Chin in Photos

Avoid Double Chin in Photos

Tip # 1: Have photos taken at an eye level.

When you pose for a picture taking, be sure that the camera lens is at your eye level or is above it. Double chins show if the camera is shooting up at you but when it is shooting slightly down at you, it produces more flattering pictures. In case that you are taller than the photographer, you can sit in a chair or let the photographer stand on something to make him taller than you.

Tip # 2: Push out your chin or tilt your head slightly.

When somebody is taking picture on you, you can just push out your chin a little bit to slim your neck. Another way to avoid double chin in photos is to tilt your head up slightly while you put your tongue on the roof of your mouth. This position tightens the muscles around the neck.

Tip # 3: Focus on neck angle.

Have your neck at a straight angle when in front of the camera. Thrusting it backward or forward will cause your double chin to look bigger. While somebody takes a picture of you, have in mind that your head is being controlled by a string that is going through your neck and pulling it straight up at the top of your head. This will make you keep everything straight and let you appear thinner.

Tip # 4: Wear a beard.

For men, wearing a beard is the best way to hide a double chin. This can make your face look thinner and can hide a double chin or a fat neck as well.

Tip # 5: Avoid scarves and other neck accessories.

Try to avoid using large scarves or turtlenecks. You might think that these can hide double chin and extra fats but it actually draws attention which makes your chin look bigger in photos. Try to use only small jewelry but do not wear choker necklaces.

Tip # 6: Smile.

Always smile every time somebody is taking you a picture. A smile makes every one look prettier or more handsome and also it will get people’s attention away from your chin.

Doing these tips every now and then or practicing them while looking in the mirror will make things so natural when you are already in front of the camera. If you are scheduled to have photographs during the day, have it done early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Midday pictures will cause unflattering shadows and squinty eyes. This will help hide double chin in photos as well.

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