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How to Disguise a Double Chin for Men – 6 Tips to Hide Double Chin in Men to Make it Unnoticeable

Double chin may develop from different reasons. At a young age, it may be the cause of obesity and during adulthood it is because of the loss of a youthful tone thus results to sagging of muscles. Double chin in men is not good to look at and sometimes this can be a source of embarrassment to them. Women on the other hand get turned off by such conditions and this makes men feel the need to hide their extra fold on their chin or at least show it in the most possible light. Anyway there are some ways to distract ones attention in noticing their double chin. This is to regain their self confidence. Here are tips on how to disguise double chin for men.

Disguise a Double Chin for Men

Disguise a Double Chin for Men

Tip # 1: Wear V-neck sweaters and tee-shirts.

One thing men can do to hide their double chin is by wearing V-neck tops, it maybe V-neck sweaters or tee-shirts. The dip in their collar serves as an optical illusion, making the double chin less noticeable. Avoid wearing round neck tees and other round neck tops. You can also wear tops with buttons that can help attract attention away from the double chin therefore an open-collared shirt is one good disguising technique.

Tip # 2: Grow beard.

Growing a beard will completely hide a double chin. This is the most favorable method for men with a double chin. Having some gray hairs on their chin will make them look dignified.

Tip # 3: Chew gums.

Chewing gums regularly will exercise your neck and jaw muscles making them toned therefore it will help you lose some of those fats that are built up around the neck. Chew gums that are sugar-free to avoid having tooth decay.

Tip # 4: Do the Platysma Exercise.

You can also perform the platysma exercise which is done by opening your mouth as wide as you can and stretching your jaw and lower lip above the top of your teeth then hold it for 10 seconds before closing it. Do this exercise as many as you can until your jaw gets tired. Better do this procedure at home because you will look silly doing it in public. This is one way of toning up a double chin since it works out the Platysma muscle in the jaw.

Tip # 5: Have regular exercise

Double chin is a sign of obesity so you need to exercise regularly to avoid health problems as a result of being overweight. This is also a good way of avoiding double chin. You can also do some exercises including cardiovascular exercises such as running and weight training. This will help tighten and tone all muscles in your body including your neck and jaw muscles.

Tip # 6: Consider all other reminders that will help.

Do neck exercises slowly to get the maximum muscle contraction and to prevent injury. Have in mind that burning fat in some exercise will not only affect your target area but your entire body.

These are tips you can make use of if you want to disguise double chin for men. You can make use of any of them or combine them altogether.

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