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How to Firm Double Chin with Exercises – 6 Tips to Firm up your Chin without Spending an Amount

Having double chin is not good to look at. Anyone experiencing this problem wonders how to get rid of it without spending most of their savings yet they are not sure if it will never come back again. There are some facial exercises recommended to firm up double chin. You can do these exercises once a day in 2 or 3 weeks and then you can drop down to 3 times a week. You can have some of these exercises in the morning and some in the evening. Do them in a relaxed mode and in no time you’ll find out how these exercises firm your double chin.

Firm Double Chin with Exercises

Firm Double Chin with Exercises

Tip # 1: Try the Ceiling Kiss Facial Exercise

While sitting in a comfortable position and looking straight ahead, slowly tilt your head until you face up the ceiling. Pucker your lips as you are going to kiss the ceiling. Then stretch your lips a little as if you blow the kiss. Hold your position for 5 seconds then return your lips to normal position and then lower your head to its original position. Repeat this exercise 7 times.

Tip # 2: Try Ceiling Chew Facial Exercise

This exercise is almost the same as tip # 1. But this time when looking up the ceiling keep your lips closed and start a chewing movement. Keep on chewing 20 times while your face is up then back to normal position.

Tip # 3: Stick out your Tongue

While sitting in a comfortable position, open your mouth and stick out your tongue downward trying to touch your chin with its tip. Remain in this position until the count of five before bringing back your tongue and closing your mouth. Rest a little bit then repeat the procedure. The stick out your tongue facial exercise can also be done while looking at the ceiling.

Tip # 4: Do Sit-ups for your Chin

Lie down on your bed positioning your head hanging over the edge. Then slowly raise your head with the force on your neck and not on your stomach. Bring your chin close to your chest, as the muscles of your neck, chin and jaw contract and letting them do the work. Return back to original position, rest awhile and do it more for 10 times. People with problems on back and neck can’t have this kind of exercise though.

Tip # 5: Try Chin Spank

In here the back of your hand is used to pat the area under your chin for 30 times. Do it in a rapid motion but try not to over pat and don’t do it forcefully. This exercise increases blood flow and circulation.

Tip # 6: Always Maintain Good Posture

A good posture decreases the appearance of a double chin. Have your head up and straight, chin out and avoid a drooping posture. Watch out also your head and face position and also your body positions. Having a good posture can enhance your height, gives you confidence also and an authority when dealing with others.

The above tips can firm your double chin, neck and jaw. You are advised not to do these double chin exercises if you are experiencing health problems.

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