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How to Apply Makeup to Drooping Eyelids with Just 7 Cosmetic Tips

Whether you have natural droopy eyelids or your eyes look small due to heavy eyelids that are sagging which causes them to look small or unattractive, you need to open them up. Sometimes these droopy eyelids are the cause of loss of elasticity in the eye muscles.  Droopy or tired eyes are not good to look at therefore it is necessary to know the proper application of makeup to those drooping eyes. You must know how to apply the eye shadow and eyeliner properly to cheer up those tired eyes. Just a few simple strokes of applying the makeup will only need a few minutes for you to do. Your eyes will then look wider to brighten up your face and since the eye shadow has a liquid conceal in it, your look will last all day long. Here are tips on how to apply makeup to drooping eyelids.

Apply Makeup to Drooping Eyelids

Apply Makeup to Drooping Eyelids

Tip # 1: Prepare the materials you need.

Prepare the following materials that you may need in applying makeup to drooping eyelids. They are makeup sponge, small eye shadow brush, light tone eye shadow, dark tone eye shadow, high lighting eye shadow (either silver or white), liquid concealer and a pencil eyeliner.

Tip # 2: Use liquid concealer.

First, dab a small amount of the liquid concealer into the makeup sponge and apply it gently to the entire eyelid. Start from the eyelash line going below the eyebrow. The use of the concealer will allow the eye makeup to last throughout the day.

Tip # 3: Apply a light-tone eye shadow.

Apply light-tone eye shadow on the upper part of the eyelid with the use of the eye shadow brush. Start from the innermost corner of the eye going to the center of the eyelid.

Tip # 4: Apply a dark-tone eye shadow.

Clean the eye shadow brush before using it to apply the dark tone eye shadow to the eyelid. Apply first where the eyelid is the droopiest which is usually near the center and going outward in a wing shape forming almost a diagonal. This will give the eyelid’s appearance a lift.

Tip # 5: Apply a highlighting eye shadow.

Again, wipe the brush clean before using it to apply a light line of the highlighting eye shadow right underneath the inner edge of the brow. Use either a silver or white eye shadow to open up the eye.

Tip # 6: Apply pencil eyeliner.

Use pencil eyeliner to line the inner edge of the area where the pupil is. Do not apply all the way across or stop at the center of the lid because both will cause the eye to appear narrow.

Tip #7: Try other cosmetics.

Applying thick mascara to upper eyelashes is also good for droopy eyes. Applying shimmer in the inner corner of the eyes can make them appear larger also.  You can choose eye shadow and eyeliner in complementary shades for a better outcome. There are also eye shadows that are sold in matching colors that you can buy if you are unsure on how to coordinate colors.

Now, you know that you can stop drooping eyelids by simply using makeup. There is certainly makeup for drooping eyelids right in your dressing areas. Pick them up and you can solve the problem in no time.

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