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How to Make Homemade Electrolysis for Hair Removal – 3 Tips that You Essentially Need

Electrolysis hair removal can be extremely expensive particularly if the repairs are performed by an expert electrologist to eliminate hair on huge parts of your body. Performing electrolysis by yourself can be less expensive because you can make your own electrolysis device, provided you select the correct instruments and be trained for the right procedures in conducting one. Here are tips on how to make homemade electrolysis for hair removal.

Homemade Electrolysis for Hair Removal

Homemade Electrolysis for Hair Removal

Tip #1:  Learn about do-it-yourself electrolysis.

Prior to making a decision to make homemade electrolysis hair removal systems, take into account the parts of your body that needs hair removal. If the hair to be removed is only in minute parts, let the professional do the job for you. It is not advisable though to remove facial hair using home electrolysis.

Tip #2:  Select the accurate instruments.

Consumers frequently mix up home electrolysis with electric tweezers. The latter is considered an unclear way of eliminating unwanted hair. Remember that the hair is a meager conductor of electricity. The home electrolysis machine utilizes a complicated, almost unrecognizable needle which is placed in all the way through the skin subsequently to the hair follicle. The machine transmits an electric shock to destroy the root of the hair. The needle goes into the skin at a clear depth and should not go beyond. The treatment commonly lasts around 20 seconds to remedy every hair follicle; 5 seconds to find the hair root; and an additional 15 seconds to transmit sufficient electricity to destroy it. Home electrolysis machines can be bought online or through drugstores or beauty supply stores. Do not buy professional electrolysis machines if you are not a skilled electrologist.

Tip #3:  Bear some useful instructions in mind for home electrolysis.

If you have not tried ever to do electrolysis before, rehearse doing it on tiny parts of the skin first like the leg or thigh. It is advised that home electrolysis should be done only to remedy parts of your skin that is easy to get to like the lower arms and legs.  Home electrolysis should not be used on your face because if you do not do it properly, it can cause scarring.

It is extremely essential to maintain the cleanliness of your home electrolysis device.  Sanitize the needle of the piece of equipment using alcohol after every use, particularly if the machine is used by other people as well. Make sure to have disinfected tweezers on hand in order to eliminate every hair follicle following the treatment. Wrap up the work zone with sanitized towels so that you can put the tools on them when you desire to take a breather.

Remedy only one square inch at a time, no more than that. If you are just beginning to use home electrolysis, make sure not to do the treatment every day.  Allow several days before doing it again to see the response of your skin to the treatment.

The tips above will help you make homemade electrolysis hair removal. It teaches you how to undergo the process yourself as well. It is important to follow instructions to the letter.


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