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How to Use the Epila Home Laser Hair Removal Kit – 8 Steps that Will Teach You to Do it

Laser hair removal provides longer lasting results than shaving, waxing, or plucking. This is the reason why men and women alike favor these treatments like the Epila home laser hair removal kit. This is an inexpensive alternative (as well as a simpler treatment) when compared to professional laser hair removal. The best thing about this kit is the time that you can save in repeated booking appointments with a salon or laser technician for treatment, because you can now use this at home and without the assistance of a licensed laser technician. Here are few easy guides on how to use the Epila home laser hair removal kit.

Epila Home Laser Hair Removal Kit

Epila Home Laser Hair Removal Kit

Step #1: Check the box and prepare all other materials.

Prepare all the things you need such as the Epila home laser hair removal kit, razor(for pre-shaving), cool towel, aloe vera gel.

Step #2: Shave.

Shave the area where you want to use the laser at least a day before using the Epila system. Hair should be no longer than 2 mm to get the best result.

Step #3: Clean the area.

You can do this by wiping it with a cool towel before using the Epila home laser hair removal kit. You have to use a cool towel to help keep your overall skin temperature down so that you can endure the heat created by the laser for a longer period of time.

Step #4: Plug the Epila home laser unit.

Start by plugging the Epila home laser unit into a power outlet. Depress the power button for at least 3 seconds to start the unit. Start the unit by adjusting the laser setting. Start with a lower setting until you get a feel from how the Epila system works. You may experience some discomfort and irritation if you set the laser too high. This will depend on your skin’s sensitivity.

Step #5: Position the touch bar of the Epila unit.

Make it as closely as possible to the area of your skin you want to treat. Push the laser button and wait until you hear the beep sound that makes the go signal that the laser is now activated.

Step #6: As you activate the laser, move the Epila unit into a slight circular motion.

Don’t position the laser unit directly into the hair follicles. This motion allows the laser to penetrate beneath the skin and destroy the hair follicle at the root than pointing the unit where the hair emerges from the skin.

Step #7: Use the Epila unit no more than 30 minutes at a time.

You should take a break for at least 5 minutes to soothe your skin using a cool towel, then repeat the procedure. It’s alright to stop when you feel uncomfortable to continue or if you feel a burning sensation on your skin.

Step #8: Get the aloe vera gel.

Rub some aloe vera gel on the area after using the Epila unit. After the treatment your skin may appear red or blistered after a day or more.

Don’t use the Epila home laser hair removal kit in sensitive areas like the nose and ear canals. This is due to a possible damage that could cause when the laser beam comes in contact with mucous membrane or eardrums.

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