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How to Lift the Face through Exercise – 5 Tips that Will Help Prevent Sagging Cheeks

The most important factor for an attractive facial look is having firm cheeks. As you grow older, the solid fatty tissue on top of your cheekbones gives way to sagging. Creases also start to manifest between your cheeks and your nose. The usual technique recommended by cosmetic surgeons for this type of problem is filler injection to help lift the cheek and to lessen the manifestation of drooping cheeks. On the other hand, this is not the only way you can do to recover an extremely youthful look. Exercising facial muscles is useful in lifting the sagging face and cheeks. Here is how you can lift the face through exercise.

Lift the Face through Exercise

Lift the Face through Exercise

Tip #1: Try brow lift.

Put your index fingers in a bended position on top of your brows. Pull down your fingers in the direction of the brow until you already sense the bones in your brow underneath your fingers. As you press your fingers downward, raise your brows as high as it can reach. Cling to the position for around 5 seconds then let go. Do the exercise 10 times.

Tip #2: Try lip exercise.

Stand in front of a mirror. Twist your upper lip towards the outside, a as if you are pouting then try to stroke your nose using your upper lip. Employ a great deal of force as much as you can gather. Cling to the position for about 10 seconds then do the movement four more times.

Tip #3: Try the hand exercise.

Put the plump portion of your palms on the region of your face. Make sure that it is placed alongside with your ears. Move your cheeks forward descending in the direction of your mouth and cling to that position. As you push down, try to smile as extensively as possible. Cling to the position as you count up to six then do again for 10 times. This type of exercise will help intensify the sygomaticus muscle and raise your cheeks as well.

Tip #4: Try the finger exercise.

Place your ring as well as middle fingers on the exterior angle of your right eye. Cling to this position as you press solidly down. Pull out the crook of your mouth up in the direction of your eye to tighten the caput zygomaticum muscle.  This is a suggested form of exercise to help raise and flatten the parts of your cheekbones.

Tip #5: Try the mouth exercise.

Pull out your lips within, enfolding them on top of your teeth. Close down the angle of your mouth towards your temples. Cling to the position as you count up to 10.  Do again the motion two more times.

It is important that facial lift exercises should be accompanied with fluid support. Meaning, you should ingest one glass of water, and splatter your face with tepid water for a few minutes. Hydrating your skin with warm water is extra flexible than a skin which is cold and dehydrated. It is also necessary that you should practice facial lifts in the form of exercises at least five times weekly to obtain the most advantageous results.


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