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How to Apply Home Facial Chemical Peels – 4 Steps and You Can Achieve Results from the Process

Using facial chemical peel can make you look younger and can also help stop acne from breaking out on your skin. It also reduces fine lines, wrinkles and discoloration quickly. Chemical facial peels exfoliate your skin and effectively remove dead skin cells from the surface of your face, revealing the new skin and leaving you with a younger, healthier and radiant feeling. There are facial chemical peel kits available in beauty stores and beauty spas today, but you can also create your own facial chemical peel at home using materials available in our kitchen like lemon and tomatoes. Here are tips on how to apply home facial chemical peels.

Apply Home Facial Chemical Peels

Apply Home Facial Chemical Peels

Step #1: Always start by cleaning your face using soap and lukewarm water.

Wash you face thoroughly with a non-oily and mild cleanser. Don’t use soap that contains a moisturizing agent because this can leave a film on the surface of the skin that will make it hard for the skin to absorb the facial chemical peel. Scrub you face gently with soap and rinse with warm water. Use a clean towel to pat it dry.

Step #2: Lower your Ph by applying some alcohol or astringent to your face.

Use a clean cotton ball to apply alcohol or astringent before using your facial chemical peel. Using alcohol or astringent will lower your Ph balance and will allow the facial chemical peel solution to be easily absorbed by your pores in the skin.

Step #3: Start applying your facial chemical peel with small amount.

Start on your forehead making your way around the outside of your face. Use your fingertips and use a light, circular brushing motion in applying the peel. Don’t put too much pressure on your face and be sure your long nails won’t touch your face. Apply the facial chemical peel to your upper lip and chin areas, nose and cheeks. Avoid the area near the eyes. When you begin to feel a slight stinging sensation, rinse the peel using cold water.

Step #4: After the peel, use a moisturizer.

You should apply moisturizer to your face frequently over the next 2 or 3 days after the facial chemical peel treatment. Your skin is now on a healing mode after the exfoliation and still raw and irritated. If you see loose skin cells hanging, make sure not to scratch it or peel it. This can injure your skin. Just leave it to fall by itself and always apply moisturizer. It is just natural to experience some irritation and redness after the procedure. You may feel some discomforts for a few days, but your face will look and feel better in a few days to come.

If you want to use ready made facial chemical peels, always read the instructions first to avoid damage to your skin. Home facial chemical peels are a great ways to exfoliate your skin and can also save you time and money going to beauty spas.

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