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How to Use Home Facial Chemical Peel – 7 Tips that Will Make the Effort Worthwhile

Facial peel is a process of putting chemicals on your face to eliminate the injured exterior coating of your skin. These chemical peels vary from gentle to intense. The mild form of chemical peel can be utilized at home while the intense one is done by a dermatologist. Here is how you can use home facial chemical peel.

Use Home Facial Chemical Peel

Use Home Facial Chemical Peel

Tip #1: Learn more about what these facial chemical peels are.

The mild form of chemical peel that can be used at home is alpha-hydroxy acid. This AHA contains glycolic, lactic as well as fruit acids. This is considered as the gentlest kind of chemical peel. It is employed to remedy dehydrated skin, tiny creases, acne or blemished skin by means of tenderly peeling off the topmost coatings of your skin. It can be put on once a week. It is better if you will mix it with facial cleansers and put on every day as a segment of your skincare routine.

Tip #2: Compare it with other forms of facial chemical peel.

Trichloroacetic acid is considered a medium to intense form of chemical facial peel. It is employed to remedy blotchy skin, creases as well as gentle to reasonable sun injury, and irregular discoloration predicaments that cannot be efficiently remedies through AHA. Phenol, on the other hand is the strongest among chemical facial peel that you can obtain. It can be utilized to remedy profound creases, disfigurements, pigmentation, sun injury, or to eliminate pre-cancerous development. This is done in as much as two hours and you will encounter gentle uneasiness and redness to the affected part all throughout the two-week recuperating time.

Tip #3: Prepare for the process.

Weaken the trichloroacetic acid until it reaches 25% solution by means of mixing three parts water and one part thrichloroacetic acid. However, if you can purchase a pre-mixed solution, you should not make it by yourself anymore.

Tip #4:  Cleanse your face.

Do this by using a gentle cleanser and dab it gently to dry in preparation for the application of the chemical peel. Make sure that you will not utilize an exfoliating or scrubbing cleanser.

Tip #5:  Put on the chemical peel by means of a cotton pad or ball.

This process should be until each of the involved parts is masked. You may require putting on several coating particularly if your skin is extremely injured in identifiable sites.

Tip #6:  Let the solution stay for at least five minutes.

This should be done prior to washing it away with chilly water. However, if the chemical peel you are going to use is in lotion form, make sure to let it stay on your skin for at least one hour prior to washing it off.

Tip #7:  Use an antibacterial ointment.

Put on the triple antibacterial ointment as soon as you cleanse and dry up your skin to shield the new, natural skin.  You may experience a stinging or blazing feeling, but you should not worry because this is just an ordinary occurrence. Make sure to put on sunscreen when you go out in the open air for further skin protection.

These are seven tips that will make home facial chemical peel well worth every effort and investment you make. If you think you cannot successfully do it on your own, you may consider asking help from a dermatologist instead.

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