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6 Steps to Undertake When Learning How to Use Radiesse

Radiesse is a derma filler made from calcium that can be injected as treatment to fight facial wasting. It also adds volume to specific areas of the face and stimulates new collagen using calcium based microsphere, because as we age some areas of our face tend to get bony and gravity pulls it downward thus resulting to hollowness in the cheek and ugly smile lines. The result of this treatment is very quick. Upon injection, the filler immediately improves the skin. Microspheres also start the process called collagenesis that produces new collagen around the injected area. This treatment can also be used to hide wrinkles and scars. The Radiesse treatment can only be administered by a licensed cosmetic surgeon. This treatment is by far the best filler choice when it comes to restoring facial and cheek volume. Despite that, you have to know the steps on how to use Radiesse.

Use Radiesse

Use Radiesse

Step #1: Find the best licensed dermatologist in your town.

To be sure that you can get the best result, meticulously research your dermatologist. Ask to see about the before and after photographs of previous patients who have undergone the procedure. Try to find a list of licensed dermatologists in your area by searching the internet. Talk to your doctor and explain what areas you would like to be injected. Your doctor can tell you what kind of results you can expect in those areas. The doctors will then be able to mark your chosen areas.

Step #2: Try to have a sensible expectation.

Facial fillers can only enhance facial features and smooth out those fine wrinkles and facial lines. Talk to your doctor if what you want is achievable. Doctors can also give you some tips about the best diet for you that could slow down aging. The filler is great in areas like the cheeks, jaw line, nose, hands, and chin.

Step #3: Inquire about the actual procedure.

In the actual injection, the doctor will stick a thin needle in the subdermal area of your face. If it is your first time, the best technique is for your doctor to inject a small amount first. This is to achieve a more natural look using smaller volumes of Radiesse injected solutions.

Step #4: Know how you can recover afterwards.

After injecting the Radiesse, your face might experience swelling. Usually, this happens within 48 hours after the treatment and will cause you some pain and discomforts. Just wait for the swelling to subside.

Step #5: Prepare for follow-up.

After the treatment, you have to make some follow-up checkup with your doctor two weeks after. During this time, you can already see the effect of the Radiesse treatment. This is also the time when your doctor can now determine if you need additional injection to further sculpt your face. If you’re already contented with the result, you can choose not to have any additional injections anymore.

Step #6: Prepare for possible touch-ups.

To maintain your face, you can visit your doctor at least every three months for touch-up injections and to also monitor the treatments. Radiesse can last up to 3 years but it needs occasional touch ups.

This treatment doesn’t require you to undergo some skin test because Radiesse does not contain any animal product. Generally, it can take you at least 15 minutes depending on the size and number of areas to be treated.

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