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How to Reduce Smile Lines with Facial Exercise

Smile lines are those ugly lines that appear on both sides of the lips running down your nose. These lines can make you look older and bitter. The best way you can reduce smile lines is a good facial exercise targeting the mouth and cheek areas. The exercise can increase blood flow and will also improve muscle tone that can make you look younger and healthy. Here is how to reduce smile lines with facial exercise.

Exercise 1: The Lip Movement

To start with, pull both the upper and lower lips inward and hold them tight. Blow inside air inside your mouth to expand the area around your mouth. Count five while staying in this position and then release. Repeat at least 3 sets. Relax your face while lying down comfortably. Pull your lips together and suck slightly in your mouth just like making a fish face. Hold in that position for 5 counts and relax. Repeat the procedure for 3 times.Reduce Smile Lines with Facial Exercise

Exercise 2: The “O” Position

Shape your lips into “O” position with your mouth having your lips slightly parted. Keep your might tight and smile from the corners of your mouth. Repeat the procedure and feel the cheek muscle move. Hold in this position for 3 seconds and relax. Repeat the procedure for 5 times. Close your lips together and face relax.

Exercise 3: The Wide Smile

Move the corners of your mouth making a wide smile. The muscles in your cheek bones should lift up. You can gently lift your eyebrows to open up your eyes if you have higher cheek bones that cause your eyes to squeeze while doing the exercise. Smile widely to part your lips. Work the corner of your mouth by squeezing the sides of your cheek. Repeat the procedure for 5 times.

Exercise 4: The Don’ts

Try to follow some extra precautions to reduce facial lines. For example, do not squeeze your face up against anything for too long. Do not lodge your hand in between your chin, cheek, or pillow when you go to sleep. This can leave permanent lines when you crunch the skin on your face. When you scrub your face, scrub it in a downward motion.

Exercise 5: Tone the Muscles

You can tone the muscles of your face while acting silly to stay motivated to maintain the workout. Grin a big smile while keeping your lips closed, making sure that your mouth turns upward. Try also touching your ears with the corners of your mouth. Move your nose like a bunny rabbit to exercise the muscles around that area.

Your face consists of many bones and muscles that can create an advantage by doing some facial exercise. Since doing the exercise will not affect any collagen or fat, surgery is the only way you can re-attach ligaments. However, you can still stimulate blood flow and circulation and at the same time relieve tensions. It can cause facial lines if you will put stress and activities that can greatly move your muscles around your face. To lessen fine lines of your face, you need to change some of your habits as well as perform the exercises.

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