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How to Remove Facial Lines – 4 Tips to Get Rid of the Problem

As you age, facial lines (most commonly known as wrinkles) may appear on your face. The reason for this occurrence is due to the skin’s collagen breakdown as you age. But the breakdown is not only because of aging since there are also some factors that greatly trigger facial lines like repetitive facial expressions and environmental factors such as smoking and sun damage.

Nowadays, we can find a lot of facial creams and medicines available in the pharmacy and beauty clinics that promise to lessen these unwanted facial lines. There are also various ways of treatments being offered by beauty experts vowing to return your youthful look. Although there are no ways that we can totally eliminate wrinkles as we age, at least there are treatments and medicines where we could lessen these ugly lines on the face. Here are tips on how to retain the fresh and youthful look and remove facial lines.

Remove Facial Lines

Remove Facial Lines

Tip #1: Prepare all the necessary materials you need.

Examples would be stuff like carrot oil, coconut oil, or cocoa butter and retinoid cream. Then apply enough amounts of moisturizers on your face. Apply a small amount of cocoa butter, coconut oil or carrot oil just enough to cover the face area. Don’t use the thumb and the point finger in applying and massaging your face. This will tend to put too much pressure on your face. When you massage use the middle finger and ring finger. Concentrate the massage on the highly wrinkled area like on the forehead and around your eyes. Use the moisturizer at least twice a day to keep the skin moisturized and plump, thus making the lines less noticeable.

Tip #2: If you want to use some creams or medicines, don’t forget to consult your dermatologist or beauty experts.

Use only prescribed drugs and don’t try to experiment by taking medicines and applying creams without the expert’s prescription or advice. This could create further damage to your face. Go to your dermatologist and ask if you can use a topical retinoid. Retinoid is effective in removing fine lines and wrinkles. With your dermatologist’s permission, apply the prescribed cream or lotion to the affected area by following the direction.

Tip #3: Try laser resurfacing.

If you want to get away from time consuming application of creams and other beauty products, you might consider laser resurfacing. Ask your dermatologist or plastic surgeon if a laser therapy will work best for you. In laser resurfacing, the doctors will use a beam or infrared light on those ugly lines. The heat that comes out from beam or infra red light will stimulate skin cell regeneration making facial lines less depressed. According to many dermatologists, laser resurfacing is the best way to improve the appearance of facial lines.

Tip #4: Use chemical peel or dermabrasion.

You can also have a session of chemical peel or dermabrasion with your dermatologist. This treatment will exfoliate the skin by removing the topmost layer to smooth out lines and wrinkles.

Ugly facial wrinkles will take over your face only if you allow them. The best way to get rid of these facial lines is to live a healthy life by having a good diet and a happy disposition.

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