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How to Perform a 70 % Glycolic Acid Peel Facial – 9 Tips to Perform the Process

Glycolic acid which is also known as hydroyacetic acid and alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) can cause a painful chemical burn on the skin in just a second. The 70% glycolic acid peel can be done at home but take note that this kind of peel is temporarily disfiguring. Before deciding to have this kind of peel you must uderstand first what are you getting into. Here are some tips about this kind oof peel.

Perform a 70 % Glycolic Acid Peel Facial

Perform a 70 % Glycolic Acid Peel Facial

Tip # 1: Know what you need in the process.

You must prepare the following things that you need in performing a 70% glycolic acid peel: ½ oz of 70% glycolic acid solution; facial cleansing soap; vaseline/petroleum jelly; 8-10 absorbent cotton balls/gauze pads; 1-2 t. baking soda paste (baking soda + water); small bowl; water; spray bottle; aloe vera leaves; clean and dry absorbent towels; and mirror.

Tip # 2: Decide to do it

Although this acid is available over the counter, it is dangerous and must be done with care. It cannot cause permanent facial disfigurement but can cause you pain and recovery time takes a week. Do not do this peel if you have any wounds in the face.

Tp # 3: Prepare your facial peel

Have all the things you need at hand. The procedure will consume almost an hour and you have to do it very carefully.

Tip # 4: Pre-peel cleansing

Clean your face thoroughly before the peel. Wash your jawline up to your ears, your temples, hair line, also include the front and sides of your neck down to your collar bone. Remove all dirts, excess oils and dead skin. Dry your face with clean towel.

Tip # 5: Review your face

Since you are about to burn your face chemically, take a mirror and map your face for the peel. To have an even, effective result, you can have a series of application areas. If you are ready you can begin applying the acid well. Apply first in areas which need the longest treatment like the forehead.

Tip # 6: Apply petroleum jelly

Apply petroleum jelly to sensitive areas of the face so they will not get burned. Apply thinly on your lips and on top of your eyelids but make sure not to smear the jelly on the edge of these areas. This will result to irregular streaks on your face where the acid cannot do the job.

Tip # 7: Apply the acid

Put on your gloves and hold the cotton ball or gauze pad and have it soaked with the acid then begin applying on to your face. Don’t try to push while wiping because this may cause dripping to delicate areas like your eyes. Once you are done applying in the entire face you can put a second application to some reas you wanted to have thoroughly peel.

Tip # 8: Neutralize

After the peel has been completed, you have to neutralize the acid on your skin by flushing your face repeatedly with fresh, cool tap water. After which dab baking soda paste and wipe it onto your face. This will neutralize the acid  and allow the chemical burn to stop. Let the baking soda sit for a minute before rinsing it completely.

Tip # 9: Use aloe vera.

Treat the healing skin with aloe vera. Slice the leaf into halves so that the juice will be released and gently apply it on to your entire face. Repeat the application many times within 48 hours. The aloe vera will make the healing of the skin faster and also prevent skin infection.

These are things to take note of if you want to perfor, a 70% glycolic acid peel. Always bear in mind that glycolic acid peels can be harsh on the skin. Better be aware of how you can do about the process without causing pain on your part.

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