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A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use Loreal Renoviste Peel

It has become a common trend to some people to do at home salon and spa services for the reason that there are incoming new products in the market that are easy enough for self-use. You can perform facials, facial peels and skin conditioning treatments at home not only for convenience but reduce the costs as well. One product that you can use at home is the L’Oreal’s ReNoviste Peel which is a glycolic acid peel kit.

Loreal Renoviste Peel

Loreal Renoviste Peel

Step 1: Open the kit.

Open the L’Oreal ReNoviste Peel kit and check if all the items are in the box. The whole kit should include a bottle of Post-peel neutralizer, a bottle of Rebalancing Moisturizer and the Soft Glycolic peel container. You can set these items in a counter or in the bathroom where there’s an easy access to a sink and a mirror.

Step 2: Prepare.

Put headband on your hair to prevent your hair from falling on your face. Use a ponytail holder too. After that, you have to wash your hands and face with a mild soap. Be sure not to scrub your face and do not use any cleansers with exfoliation properties. Of course you do not want to be prepped too harshly prior to the peel. Pat your face dry with the use of a dry and white hand towel.

Step 3: Use the Soft Glycolic Peel.

Now open the container that is labeled with Soft Glycolic Peel and pour a few drops of the solution on a clean cotton ball or cotton pad. Then apply the glycolic acid on your face in gentle, sweeping motions. Apply it evenly on your entire face especially on wrinkled areas. Avoid putting the solution close into your eyes and mouth.

Step 4: Allow the peel to stay on your skin.

Let the peel set into your skin and be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines as based on your skin type. There are times that glycolic acid peels will sting and tingle slightly so be sure to remove the peel as soon as you experience a burning sensation. You can first test a small area of your face by gently tapping the skin to make sure if the peel has firmed up already. You can actually peel off the product at around 10-15 minutes. This time, it should be dry enough for you to peel it off. You should dispose the peeled off product into the garbage can. Wash and dry your hands afterwards.

Step 5: Use the Post Peel Neutralizer.

Now, pour a few drops of the Post-Peel Neutralizer on a clean cotton ball or pad and apply to the areas of your skin that had been exposed to the glycolic peel. This neutralizer counteracts the glycolic peeling action and makes the process stop. Use a dabbing motion in applying the neutralizer and be sure to apply it on all areas. Let the product air dry naturally. Be sure not to rub the face or put too much pressure on the skin since it is sensitive at this point in time.

Step 6: Use the Rebalancing Moisturizer.

Again, pour some Rebalancing Moisturizer on a clean cotton ball and apply a generous amount of the moisturizer to the entire face. Let the product soak into your skin. Use your clean fingertips to help speed up the absorption of the moisturizer. Move your fingertips in a gentle, circular motion.

Step 7: Protect yourself.

If possible, do not go under the sun on the day that you apply this peel. If needed, apply some amount of sunblock that contains a high SPF factor. Do not perform a glycolic peel daily and you should also limit the amount of peels to not more than three per week. You better do it in the evening to settle down on your skin and regenerate overnight while you are asleep.

There are several steps worth taking note of when it comes to using the L’oreal ReNoviste Peel. Like other skin peels, avoid applying near your eyes and do this application in a well lit room. Do not use a peel if you have damaged or sensitive skin because this may cause harmful effects. Consult your doctor if you experience adverse reaction or if you have put some in your eyes or in your mouth.

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Donna Stevenson September 30, 2011 at 7:29 pm

Thank you. Have the kit but could not locate my instructions. One thing, can you advise on how many times to use the peel, i.e., twice weekly for two weeks, one a week, etc.


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