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How to do Laser Hair Treatment at Home – 7 Tips that Will Help

Laser hair removal treatment is quite popular nowadays because of its capability to eliminate unwanted hair permanently. The laser machine performs by means of passing on a diode light that is aimed at the dark follicles in order to hinder them from further development. As of the moment, majority of the lasers perform excellently on dark hair and light skin. If it is utilized on dark skin, it may result to break out in blisters, burning and scarring. The Food and Drug Administration had granted the Tria laser instruments to be the first to use at home for hair treatment. Here are tips on how to do laser hair treatment at home.

Laser Hair Treatment at Home

Laser Hair Treatment at Home

Tip #1:  Tips when using laser hair treatments for underarms.

If the laser hair treatment at home will be used to remove underarm hair, it is necessary that you stop using deodorant for three days before using it. Be sure that you had completely shaved the parts that will be treated.

Tip #2:  Never undergo a tan.

Stay away from tanning the parts of your body 2 weeks prior to the laser hair treatment. Remember that dark skin is an enemy of this cosmetic procedure.

Tip #3:  Buy the Tria laser hair removal instrument that you can use at home.

You can buy it right away from its website or in department stores. Its price ranges between $795 up to $995. The price will vary according to the place where you are going to buy it.

Tip #4:  Utilize a blade or shaver to shave hair from parts of your body.

For the most efficient result, you should make sure that you will use it only on a freshly shaven part. Even a slight development of hair will put off the diode light from searching and aiming at the hair follicle within your dermis.

Tip #5:  Wash and dry your skin prior to using the laser hair treatment at home.

Put on a few amount of baby powder onto the parts that will be remedied to soak up extra moisture from your skin. Laser hair removal systems perform more extra effective on skin that is free from moisture.

Tip #6: Regulate the temperature settings of your Tria laser.

The Tria laser includes three setting that you can select from – the low, medium, and high. The maximum setting will give way for the most excellent hair removal outcomes. However, if the maximum setting is extremely excruciating for you, begin with the low setting make it higher slowly but surely as your skin had already adjusted to the feeling.

Tip #7:  Compress the laser instrument next to your skin.

This will permit the diode laser to go through the hair follicles.  Shift the instrument in slight millimeters following each light pulse to wrap as much hair follicles as workable. Carry on with the treatment until you have satisfactorily put on the medication in the parts of your body where you want hair to be removed.

There are yet other laser hair treatments for the home. You can always look for one that suits your needs and budget.


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