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How to Know About Laser Treatment for Light Colored Hair – 6 Tips to Know How it Works

Today, the laser hair removal treatment is available for light colored hair. Before, people with blonde, red, or gray hair have been told that they are not a good candidate for laser hair treatments. But because of the new technology, laser hair removal for light hair has become a possible option. Here is how you can know more about laser treatment for light colored hair.

Laser Treatment for Light Colored Hair

Laser Treatment for Light Colored Hair

Tip #1: Laser is safe.

Lasers are usually regarded as safe and effective methods of treatment in removing unwanted hair from your body. This treatment has been commercially available since the mid-1990’s and still considered as one of the best option.

Tip #2: Learn how it works.

Laser works by the use of an intense, pulsing light beam and heat which passes through the skin and burns only the hair follicle, thus weakening the hair growth process at its root. With permanent follicle retardation, the effects of the treatment are usually long term. Although the light energy that causes the damage to hair follicle is absorbed most effectively to light skin and dark hair, this procedure can now be performed on light colored hair.

Tip #3: Laser works through thermal light energy.

Our follicle bulb contains a pigment or melanin that produces cells called melanocytes that help to determine our hair color. To destroy the melanin in the follicle, laser treatments send thermal light energy into the dermis layer. These lasers produce light beams that are absorbed by melanin and causes thermal damage to the hair shaft and follicle, but without damaging any tissue surrounding the area.

Tip #4: There are latest techniques available in the market.

The newest laser hair removal treatments available today are the Epilight and ELOS system which effectively removes light colored hair. These systems can permanently remove unwanted hairs after a course of treatments. Epilight system is safe, painless, and non-invasive. In here, 50% of hair is permanently removed just one or two treatments. For ELOS system, according to the Journal for Cosmetic and Laser Therapy, scientists say that nearly 60% of hair was permanently removed after the course of 8 to 9 treatments.

Tip #5: Compare them to the old technique.

The older type of laser hair removal had little or no effect at all on blonde, red, and grey hair. This modern laser however uses longer light spectrum which could seek out light colored hair. For better and quicker result, there are also pre-removal treatments that temporarily darken hair in order for them to be better sought out and can be removed using the older kind of laser system.

Tip #6: There are plenty of options.

If there are no available aestheticians who use ELOS or epilight system, there is still another option for people with light colored hair who want to use laser hair treatments. The FDA has approved meladine for use with blonde and grey hair. This is useful for thicker hairs and on hormone induced blonde hairs that may sometimes appear on woman’s face later in life. According to Meladine website, nearly 70% of hairs are removed. This works by darkening the hair before using a traditional laser.

If you are planning to undergo this kind of treatment, you must search out for the newest hair removal treatment in order for you to get the best result. There are plenty of laser hair treatments out there. All you need to do is come up with the best choice.

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