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How to Learn about Cold Laser Hair Regrowth Treatment – 6 Tips to Know more About the Process

Hair loss is one serious problem on both men and women. However there are various treatments that can be done to remedy it and one of them is the cold laser therapy. Cold laser hair regrowth treatment, which is also known as low level laser therapy or phototherapy involves a very simple and easy process to treat hair loss. Here is how you can learn more about one of the breakthrough laser hair treatments of all time.

Cold Laser Hair Regrowth Treatment

Cold Laser Hair Regrowth Treatment

Tip # 1: Ask about how it is done.

The treatment is done using light in different intensities and wavelengths which are emitted onto the scalp to stimulate hair growth. Hair regrowth treatment using laser therapy requires few sessions to achieve results. The cold laser is not only beneficial in hair loss but can also treat persons suffering from injury, pain or wound.

Tip # 2: Know more about its history.

Before, cold laser was claimed to be as harmful as UV (ultraviolet) rays and such exposure might cause cancer. In 1964, Andre Mester who is a researcher from Semmelweis University of Budapest, conducted a study using cold laser on mice. He found out that cold laser had no carcinogenic effect on the mice and their fur grew more quickly.

Tip # 3: Study its mechanism.

For the treatment of hair loss, an electronic device is used to apply the cold laser to the scalp so as to stimulate red blood cells. During this process, adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is converted to adenosine diphosphate (ADP) to release energy and supply extra nutrients and oxygen to the scalp thus increasing blood circulation used to stimulate hair growth.

Tip # 4: Learn more about its effects.

Cold laser treatment not only promotes hair growth but also thickens the diameter of each hair. This also reduces shedding, improves overall hair quality as well and could even help heal scalp that undergo a hair transplant. In 2007, the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) presented a study that found out that cold laser treatment alone does not help in hair growth. It only improves the thickness of the hair shaft, fullness and overall hair quality. But when combined with the treatment known as minoxidil, such study found that cold laser results in hair improvements especially among female patients.

Tip # 5: Ask about different types available as laser hair treatments.

The instrument for cold laser hair treatment looks like the hood hair dryer that most hair salons use. The device is placed over the scalp and releases rays and is usually red in color. There are also smaller devices produced in which the user holds in her hand and along her scalp like a hair comb.

Tip # 6: Look into possible side Effects.

It is necessary to have hair growth treatment continuously so as to maintain the effect and cold laser does not create chemical dependency. It also presents low to no risks side effects and can be used together in combination with other treatments. However, the patient should consult the laser therapy professional and a dermatologist to determine the efficiency of the treatment.

These are facts that will help you learn more about the cold laser hair regrowth treatment. You have to make an inquiry about the entire process, its history, how it works and establish both positive and negative effects. That way, you can decide on whether you should have one or not.

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