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How to Learn About the Brazilian Depilatory Laser – 6 Tips and You Will Appreciate How it Works

A Brazilian depilatory laser is done in the pubic area. It is now becoming famous in both sexes. Although it requires multiple treatments, Brazilian hair removal is permanent and it has become accepted while others consider having little or no pubic hair to be taboo. This method usually refers to hair removal that leaves the pubic area bare or leaves a thin “landing strip”. Men are starting to be interested in this kind of procedure since also want to feel clean too. Brazilian depilatory laser treatment is usually in demand during summer, when women want to show off their curves wearing skimpy swimsuits. However some prefer this all year-round and this is the best option to flaunt those sexy swim suits any time of the year. Here are tips to learn about the Brazilian depilatory laser.

Brazilian Depilatory Laser

Brazilian Depilatory Laser

Tip #1: This treatment can be done for both males and females.

This is despite the fact that this procedure is much more famous to females. But you should first consult your doctor to ensure safety and effectiveness. The wavelengths of the laser used will depend on the hair density, hair thickness, and skin pigmentation. A person with lighter skin and darker hair are usually the best candidates for Brazilian hair removal.

Tip #2: This is expensive.

Laser hair removal is the most expensive among the Brazilian method of hair removal. This is also the safest and the most effective treatment in removing unwanted hair. It can also deliver permanent results. To achieve a long lasting result, it will take around 6 to 8 laser sessions with the doctor. This is the easiest way to keep hair away because it damages the hair follicles so that hair won’t return.

Tip #3: It is better than shaving.

This procedure also reduces ingrown hairs, inflammation and infection that you could get while shaving your sensitive pubic area. Remember that irritation after shaving can also cause to darken your skin.

Tip #4: Laser treatment can also stop ingrown hairs from coming out.

Each growing hair comes with an oil gland attached to it. The sebum or oil lubricates the hair as it comes out. The hair is called an ingrown when it is trapped underneath the skin, but although trapped, the hair still keeps on growing and sebum is still being released. When this happens, the ingrown gets larger and infected due to the trapped hair and oil.

Tip #5: Brazilian hair removal works by using a technology called Photothermolysis.

This means taking light energy from the laser and converting it into heat energy. The heat energy is responsible in damaging the fair follicle. With several treatments to complete, the hair follicle will eventually become sterile which can’t support hair growth anymore.

Tip #6: This method is also quick, hygienic, and easy.

It will only take around 10 to 15 minutes to treat the whole bikini area and you can immediately return to work after the procedure because this is painless. Doctors usually charge around $70 or more for 5 minutes of treatment.

The Brazilian depilatory laser is one of the most effective hair removal laser skin treatments in the bikini area today. Try this procedure and hit the beach this summer wearing those skimpy suits without worries.

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