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Skin Lightening Laser Treatment – 6 Tips on Learning How It Works

There are many factors behind why dark spots and visible damage appear on our skin, both internal and external. Internal factors such as hormones, genetics and diet will affect the skin and external factors include pollution and our lifestyle choices. We begin to notice dark spots on our face, shoulder, arms, back and decollate. The dark spots are called hyperpigmentation. But whatever the cause of your skin discoloration, the good news is that a solution has already been invented to cure the problem and bring back the flawlessness of your skin. And one of the most effective ways is the lightening laser treatment.

Although it would cost you a little bit, but the result is worth it. You just need to choose the best and qualified physician or skin care specialist in town and make an appointment. You also need to gather some facts in order to appreciate the skin lightening laser treatment as a procedure.

Skin Lightening Laser Treatment

Skin Lightening Laser Treatment

Tip #1: Know what hyperpigmentation really is.

Hyperpigmentation is often the problem that results in dark spots on the skin because of aging, sun damage, hormonal changes and some skin diseases. If exposed to sun, these dark patches could get worst because our melanin in the skin absorbs the sun’s ultra violet rays. Treatments may vary in lightening dark spots and one of these is the laser treatment.

Tip #2: Differentiate laser skin treatments with common forms of treatment.

The most common form of treatment is by applying topical creams because this is less expensive but will only be effective after 3 to 6 months of continuous application. And it could also cause some irritation especially if a person has sensitive skin. Topical creams are usually available over-the-counter but sometimes the effectiveness is questionable. Effective lightening creams are ones prescribed by a physician.

Tip #3: Know how the procedure works.

The lightening laser procedure works when a beam of light at wavelength of 532 nanometers or 755 nm is applied to the skin. When the high intensity energy source is absorbed by water, hemoglobin and melanin in the skin, the absorption eliminates the dark spots and lightens the skin. Laser treatment can be done in a few minutes on small dark spots and it will take around 30 minutes for larger spots.

Tip #4: Ask what lightens the skin in the skin lightening laser treatment.

A quality switched laser or also known as Q-switched laser is the one used to lighten the skin. Q-switched laser doesn’t only work in removing dark spots but on tattoos as well. The wavelength of the laser could be adjusted to change the depth at which the laser penetrates the skin.

Tip #5: Know possible side effects of the procedure.

Laser treatments could somehow bring discomfort, redness, swelling, and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Blisters and crust on the skin will be noticeable for the first to second week after the treatment.

Tip #6: Determine who should perform it.

The laser procedure should only be performed by a licensed physician, cosmetic surgeon and dermatologist. Find the best doctor in town and ask about the procedure.

These are ways by which you can learn more about skin lightening laser treatment. Since this procedure is quite expensive, it is imperative that you make inquiries before undergoing one.

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unice August 30, 2011 at 12:24 pm

hey there, i have a chocolate complexion and i have dark spots or hyperpigmentation on my upper back and face, ive had them ever since my teenage years and i really want to get rid of them.. i came across this skin laser treatment and i am really interested to know more.. i was going to boook an appointment for microdebrasion, how does this treatment differ to that? I also read that it lightens the skin tone which i am interested in brightening and evening out my skin tone.. i also wanted to know an everage pirce cost? thanks.


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