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5 Tips on How to Learn about the CoolTouch Laser Treatment

There are various medical procedures that laser surgery has revolutionized since the start of laser technology in 1960s. Lasers are commonly used in cosmetic surgeries wherein their main target is any imperfection on or under the skin. This allows minimal invasive procedure with less pain but fast recovery for the patient. According to Medical News Today, CoolTouch Inc. which is a company based in Roseville, California has led the medical laser industry since 1994. In their website, we will find that the company at present holds over 20 patents on intellectual properties that are related to laser surgery thus winning Aesthetic Magazine’s award for best Wrinkle Laser for 2 consecutive years. Here are facts about the CoolTouch laser treatment.CoolTouch Laser Treatment

Tip #1: Define Laser Treatments

“Laser” according to the Science Encyclopedia website, stands for light application by stimulated emission of radiation. In laser surgery, they direct a finely focused light beam onto tissues. The extreme heat coming from the laser beam will destroy unhealthy tissues, reduce tumors and stop bleeding by sealing blood vessels. The first laser was developed in 1960 and when doctors knew about it, they instantly used it in eye surgeries. Now, many specialists use laser techniques in almost everything from neurosurgery to dentistry.

Tip #2: Learn about the Skin Tightening Treatment

CoolTouch started on the strengthening of a wrinkle treatment through an innovative new laser surgery that targeted the water in the skin tissues wherein it rejuvenated and tightened the skin. This is according to the Company’s Overview. This product of CoolTouch is now known as CoolBreeze and is considered as the most effective method of treating both acne and wrinkles.

Tip #3: Learn about the Fat Removal Treatment

CoolLipo is being used by CoolTouch for fat removal treatment. They describe it as a relatively new technology wherein they use laser to liquefy fat deposits in the face instead of the standard face lift surgery for easier removal. Since it requires only minimal bruising and short recovery time and also a local anesthesia, this is an outpatient treatment. Another advantage of this treatment compared to a traditional liposuction is that CoolLipo, according to CoolTouch, will not only liquefy fat but will also tighten the skin.

Tip #4: Learn about Hair and Facial Vein Removal Treatment

The CoolTouch website said that the CoolTouch VARIA is an effective and safe way for the removal of unwanted hair and unsightly red facial veins. VARIA makes use of laser that operates on a frequency that absorbs minimal skin pigment which is a good option for treating a wide range of skin colors. For hair removal, it targets the hair follicle beneath the skin and damages it to prevent hair growth. Since the laser targets on melanin levels, light-colored hair responds less to this treatment.

Tip #5: Learn about CoolTouch Laser Treatment for Varicose Veins

Varicose veins, as described by the Mayo Clinic, are the enlarged and twisted veins found in the legs and feet. According to Medical News Today, CoolTouch received FDA approval for the use of it CETV varicose veins treatment in the year 2006. CoolTouch emphasizes that the traditional procedure of varicose vein removal involves significant surgery, recovery time and troublesome side effects, while this CoolTouch laser procedure offers 95% success rate with only minimal anesthesia and does not requires hospitalization.

There are some CoolTouch laser treatments to take note of – each serving a particular skin condition. Knowing these great technologies is not enough though. You still have to ask your doctor if it will work good on you.

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