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How to Know About the Blue Light in Laser Teeth Whitening Using 5 Informational Tips

Blue Light in Laser Teeth Whitening

Blue Light in Laser Teeth Whitening

Our teeth play an important role in our appearance especially on the face. Aside from being fit, our teeth should also be clean and white because people are admired through looks and a good set of teeth. That is why people who have discolored teeth often find ways on how they can whiten their teeth, and one such method is by undergoing a blue light laser teeth whitening procedure. Here is how you can appreciate the blue light in laser teeth whitening.

Tip #1: Know what a laser teeth whitening procedure is.

Laser teeth whitening system is actually a procedure that requires a laser paired with a special gel to whiten teeth. This procedure is more expensive than other whitening treatments but laser teeth whitening is the fastest and most effective option. Blue light in laser teeth whitening works by increasing the oxidation process or carbamide peroxide that will release more oxygen and accelerate the bleaching process. The oxygen acts as a bleaching agent that whitens your teeth effectively.

Tip #2: Discover what’s in store for you in the procedure.

In this procedure, the dentist will spread a peroxide gel over the teeth and uses a laser that is set in a blue spectrum. This is to activate the gel. Dentists use compounds that contain peroxide because this helps breakdown the pigment in the teeth and turns into colorless byproduct. The time needed for the procedure to complete will depend entirely on how large the areas are affected or on the amount of discoloration though most dentists can complete the procedure in just an hour. The dentist applies the gel to your teeth and inserts a dental dam to prevent the peroxide compound from burning the mouth. The blue light will then shine on the mouth for about an hour.

Tip #3: Learn about the features of the procedure.

The blue light whitening procedure is generally the fastest and will only require one trip to the dentist. Laser treatment can cost you up to $1,000 for one session and although it is expensive, its effectiveness is worth it. This procedure is your best option if you want your discolored teeth to be resolved immediately and efficiently. Ask your dental insurance provider if this is covered because this is under cosmetic procedure.

Tip #4: Know what to expect from the process.

There is no evidence yet that undergoing a blue light laser teeth whitening process can cause your teeth to damage. For now the biggest risk that comes from laser whitening or the teeth bleaching procedure is the risk of chemicals used to reach your mouth. This is the use of the dental dam since this is the one that prevents the bleach from having a direct contact that will eventually burn your mouth.

Tip #5: See what comes with the results.

Teeth whitening systems can make the teeth sensitive for a while after the treatment. But this also applies to all teeth whiteners. This is a normal side effect. Dentists are not using any anesthesia to reduce the sensitivity. Sensitivity warns the doctor when concentrations are too strong and if it is affecting the nerve.

More and more people are now conscious on how they look, and they are now inclined to try the most sophisticated methods of beautifying themselves. Most procedures are expensive like that of the blue light in laser teeth whitening, but still a growing number of people are considering cosmetic procedures as their primary option.

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