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How to Use DIY Laser Teeth Whitening – Tips When Using 3 Methods

Teeth whitening is one of the most talked about beauty issues nowadays, especially because of the lifestyle that we have that greatly cause our teeth to discolor. Some of the factors that cause the teeth to stain are tobacco, caffeine and alcohol. Dental bleaching or laser teeth whitening provide very good results, but it could also be expensive. But now you can have that DIY ways to whiten your teeth at home for a much lower cost. You don’t need a thousand bucks to bring that million dollar smile! Here are tips on how to use DIY laser teeth whitening.

DIY Laser Teeth Whitening

DIY Laser Teeth Whitening

Tip #1: Using Peroxide

Two reasons why teeth may change its color is because of your age and diet. As you age, the dentin is exposed because the outer layer of your teeth or enamel gets thin and the darker layer underneath are exposed. This darker layer is called the dentin. Stained teeth are also associated with the diet, especially if your diet consists of colas, tea, coffee, red wine or if you are a smoker. Smoking could greatly affect the color of your teeth, so regular cleaning is advised.

Some people use peroxide at home to combat these teeth stains. The bubbles created by the peroxide safely and effectively remove teeth stains on your teeth enamel. Peroxide is more effective if you leave it longer, it means that the longer it is left on the teeth the whiter your teeth will become. But somehow, there is also a disadvantage because peroxide can get trapped in the passageway nerve of your teeth that could create temporary sensitivity.

Tip #2: Using Tray and Strips

Tray and strips are the most effective methods of teeth whitening according to dentists. In this method, tray and strips hold the whitening gel against the teeth in the most effective way. This prevents the gel from being wiped or washed away by the tongue, lips or saliva in the mouth. We have different brands available today like Rembrandt, Crest and Listerine. They have however different instructions for every brand, usually it must be worn 30 minutes a day until the desired whiteness has been reached.

Though they are considered as famous brands, there are also disadvantage to both of these methods. Trays are designed to fit all thus are not shaped to your specific mouth size. Sometimes, they can be uncomfortable and cause the gel to leak out from loose areas. Strips fit better, but excess wrapping around the edges of your tooth will permit the strips to slip and slide that could make you feel uncomfortable.

Tip #3: Using Paint-On

This method of whitening is better for people with sensitive teeth. Paint-on whiteners are best use to whiten specific teeth, or spot treat discolored areas. There isn’t much excess gel touching your gums and working into the cracks of your teeth, but because there is no protection between the solution and your mouth, it tends to wash off very easy.

There are indeed ways to undergo laser teeth whitening within your homes. With these easy solutions above, bring back that confidence by showing off those pearly white teeth!

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