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How to Reduce Swelling after Liposuction – 5 Tips to Get Rid of the Pain

The puffiness you will experience following liposuction or any other surgery is considered an ordinary occurrence. It is just the normal reaction of your body from the shock that the tissues in your body obtained all throughout the surgical process. The soreness you experience usually becomes less after several days up to a week. However, the puffiness from liposuction commonly becomes less in a matter of a month. On the contrary, there are means that will help your body heal the puffiness as soon as possible following the liposuction procedure. Here are tips on how to reduce swelling after liposuction.

Reduce Swelling after Liposuction

Reduce Swelling after Liposuction

Tip #1: Make sure to take your medicines that have been prescribed by your dermatologist or doctor.

After the liposuction, your doctor usually recommends some pain medication that also contains anti-inflammatory assets. Specifically, the doctor will give you medicines that do not contain steroid. The anti-inflammatory medication he/she will recommend will be in charge of lessening the puffiness following the surgical process and at the same time helps in alleviating the soreness as well.

Tip #2: Be certain that you will religiously follow your doctor’s instructions.

Above all, doctor’s orders should be followed religiously if you want that the recuperating time will be easier and lesser. Your doctor will usually provide you with all the DO’s and DON’Ts regarding the lessening of puffiness following the liposuction procedure. If you will follow religiously these advices of your dermatologist, you can be sure of less recuperating time as well as staying away from further complication.

Tip #3: Put on tight pieces of clothing because it is considered appropriate.

It is essential that you should wear pieces of clothing that are tight to pack together your injuries. Make sure that the tight-fitting pieces of clothing you will wear will properly grasp your wounds in a position to lessen the puffiness of the liposuction in the parts adjacent to them. Make sure to wear them for the duration that your doctor recommends so that the injury will lock up quickly.

Tip #4: Obtain a massage.

Look for the massage that is given by certified therapists with expertise in lymphatic drainage massage treatment. The massage therapy is meant to accelerate the drainage of the extra lymphatic liquid that is ordinarily established in your injuries following liposuction, thus lessening the swelling. However, prior to doing so, it will be better if you will talk the matter with your doctor first to make sure that the therapy is in accordance with his/her recommendation.

Tip #5: Consume healthy foods.

If you want to recuperate easily and without much pain, maintain a healthy regimen because it is considered as excellently significant during and after the healing process. Make sure to consume foods loaded with protein, vitamins A, C, and E to intensify the curing of injuries from the liposuction process. It is also advised that you should keep up with your rehydration.

Following the tips mentioned above will definitely help lessen the puffiness after the liposuction. This will also help you recuperate quickly from the procedure.

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