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How to Use Color Ray Phototherapy – 7 Steps to Learn the Technique

A treatment from excessive acne can cause the affected area to scar, but dermatologists have a lot of ways on how they can bring back your skin into normal. One of the methods used is phototherapy. This procedure offers an alternative to invasive skin care and before it was only allowed to be administered by a licensed dermatologist, plastic surgeon, or spa aesthetician. But with the modern technologies that we have now, phototherapy is now available for use at the convenience of your own homes.

The phototherapy method has been proven to reduce acne and acne scarring, minimize pores, tighten loose skin, reduce appearance of scars, boot collagen production and even repair discoloration and improve the skin. Thanks to modern technology, we can now enjoy making ourselves beautiful without worrying too much about the time and money that we need to spend if we go to the dermatology clinic. Here are some guides on how to use color ray phototherapy to bring back your beautiful skin.

Color Ray Phototherapy

Color Ray Phototherapy

Step #1: You need to prepare some materials first.

Prepare all the necessary materials like wash cloth, water, facial cleansing solution and the color ray phototherapy machine.

Step #2: Clean the wash cloth with water.

Wet your wash cloth using warm water. Gently wipe over your entire face and neck before going on with the next steps in the process.

Step #3: Read the manufacturer’s instruction.

This is for direction in cleaning your skin using the cleanser of your choice. After applying the facial cleansing solution, wash your face and pat dry.

Step #4: Get the phototherapy machine and attach the hood.

Apply minimal pressure to pop into place and turn on your color ray phototherapy machine by pushing the on/off button located on the back of the head of the machine. Select the power by pushing the on/off button again. You will know the power if it’s low, medium, or high based on the increase of power every time you push the button. The indicator is the light located on the back of the machine, one that indicates the change of power. For best result, manufacturer’s recommend using high power.

Step #5: Switch the button and turn the blue light to red or activate both.

Each push of the button will change the light output. According to SLYVAN Company, blue LED will kill the bacteria and eliminate acne that helps improve skin clarity while the red LED stimulates collagen production and cell turn over that will help improve the look of scars, pores, wrinkles and skin discoloration.

Step #6: Change between pulsing and constant light output.

You can do this by pushing the wavelength button. This is marked by a symbol and the only button without words that resembles wavelengths.

Step #7: Start using the machine.

Hold it over the affected area for 30 seconds to 1 minute before moving on to another area. Exposure time depends on the surface area to be covered. It will take around 11 to 13 minutes to treat the entire face and neck using one-minute increments.

Being beautiful doesn’t only need to be limited on the face. You can also use color ray phototherapy machine on other body parts like the legs, stomach, buttocks, chest and arms.

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