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How to Treat Face Pimples – 5 Tips to Deal with the Problem

The sight of a pimple on your face could make you feel embarrassed and even ruin your day. This is the reason why as soon as pimples appear on your face, you get so stressed on how to get rid of them. Too much pimple on your face could affect one’s personal and social life as well, because every one of us wishes to have a smoother and clearer skin. Most of us suffer from frequent or occasional pimple break out. And when this happens, we think of many ways and medications on how to get rid of these ugly pimples. Here are tips on how to treat face pimples and bring back your radiant look.

Treat Face Pimples

Treat Face Pimples

Tip #1: Know what causes facial pimples.

Dermatologists identify four main causes of pimples and these are bacteria, clogged pores, inflammation and oil. If extra oil gets trapped beneath the skin’s surface, it clogs the skin pores. With these clogged pores, bacteria will thrive in causing the inflammation.

Tip #2: Eat healthy.

To avoid having pimple problems, always eat healthy. Avoid oily and unhygienic foods like chocolates, burgers and junk foods. But instead, eat healthy foods like fresh fruits and vegetables that will cure pimples from the root cause.

Tip #3: Remove make-up.

If you are a girl, you tend to apply too much make-up. Just make sure to remove every make up on your face because this could also block your pores. Wash your face but do not scrub it because scrubbing too much will worsen your pimples. If you’re not going anywhere for a weekend or you are not required to put any cover up on your face, don’t put any make up. Give your skin a chance to breathe; this will really help a lot. And to keep your skin soft and younger looking, always drink lots of water. It doesn’t only keep you hydrated but it could also help you fight pimples.

Tip #4: Know the right pimple treatments.

There are lots of treatments available today. It is not wise to self-medicate and purchase over-the-counter medicines. You must consult your dermatologist first before trying anything, especially if your pimples are severe. There are however topical treatments that you can apply to the infected area. You can also use systematic treatment which you can take orally or in combination with topical treatments. In severe cases, laser treatment by a licensed dermatologist is necessary. Topical treatments that you can use are salicylic acid, retinoids and benzoyl peroxide. Antibiotics like tetracycline and erythromycin are common oral treatments.

Tip #5: Treat pimples according to severity.

Depending on the severity of your pimples, treatments will take effect maybe a month or two. It is important to be patient. Remember, you cannot cure pimples overnight and your skin will take time to heal. No matter what kind of medications or how strong your medications are, still you cannot cure pimples in a snap.

Facial pimples can bring stress and humiliation. You can renew your self-confidence by knowing how you can banish those pimples for good by having a healthy lifestyle.

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