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How to Use the Zeno Mini – 5 Steps to Use the Pimple Treatment

Getting rid of those acnes, pimples, and blemishes on your face may seem so frustrating. Good thing there are a number of treatments available today and one of these is the Zeno Mini device that can do wonders for you in a very short period of time. A Zeno Mini is operated by a battery that is specially designed with a tip that heats up to a pre-set temperature. This is designed with a biocompatible tip for direct contact with a blemish to the skin color. The tip produces tolerable heat into the follicle that brings about the self destruction of acne within the lesion thus lowering inflammation and allowing the dermis to return to a healthful way. The intention of the heat is to kill the bacteria that cause the pimple. This is a very simple way of staying beautiful all your life. So, if you want to get rid of those nasty pimples, blemishes and acnes here are tips on how to use a Zeno Mini.

Use the Zeno Mini

Use the Zeno Mini

Step #1: Prepare the Zeno Mini.

For a newly purchased Zeno Mini, remove the cap and press the “power’ button. The first light of color will be amber and wait until the light will turns into green. The unit will beep which indicates that the unit is ready to use.

Step #2: Clean your face.

Before using the Zeno Mini, be sure that the affected area of the face is clean. Place the heated tip into the pimples or affected area, but do not push too hard as this may damage your skin and cause the pimples to burst which will further create problems.

Step #3: Press the activation button.

This will turn the light again into amber color. Wait for the light to turn green and listen to the “beep” sound. Then you have to press the button again to start the treatment cycle.

Step #4: Press the Zeno Mini firmly in place for the treatment cycle.

Hold it up to 2 ½ minutes for every pimple or blemish. The device will give a beep signal every 30 seconds indicating that the treatment is still going on. You should only remove the device from your skin if you hear a multiple beep signal that indicates that the treatment is done. Wait for 10 seconds for the device to reset and use again in another affected area. You can see the big changes within 24 to 48 hours after the treatment with 2 to 3 sessions of treatment.

Step #5: Keep the battery charged.

For best result, always keep the battery fully charged before using and always clean the tip of the Zeno Mini with warm water and mild soap. This is to ensure that you are treating the pimples and not spread bacteria through the tip. The tip was designed to withstand about 45 treatments and should be replaced for favorable result.

This wonderful invention was created to perfectly fit on the purse and for those who’s always on the go. Being beautiful doesn’t need to be expensive. With these easy steps in using innovative pimple treatments like the Zeno Mini, you can be beautiful anywhere you go!

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