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8 Cosmetic Tips on How to Make Nose Smaller without Plastic Surgery

If you disgust having large nose but you are scared of taking the surgical process, there are means to make it appear more undersized. This is less the real surgical process to undertake. One of the most natural means to make your nose smaller is to know how to deliberately put on make-up. Here are tips to make your nose smaller without plastic surgery on your mind.

Make Nose Smaller Without Plastic Surgery

Make Nose Smaller Without Plastic Surgery

Tip #1: Put on a foundation to make focal points and outlines.

You can create a smaller appearance to your nose by putting on a darker type of foundation. Select a foundation that is two shades darker than the usual type you apply.

Tip #2: Outline the edges of your nose.

This is to make it appear somewhat more petite. You can do it by mixing the darker foundation using a mixing brush or your fingertips. Cautiously outline the length of both edges of your nose to lessen its huge look.

Tip #3: Use the right colors.

Pat a trace of hue on the tip of your nose, if your nose is extremely elongated. This means will make it appear to some extent more undersized. Brush a color in the region of your nostrils and on the tip of your nose to make your nostrils appear a little slimmer.

Tip #4: Emphasize your most excellent attributes.

You can do this by means of using your usual foundation. Accentuate your fine cheek bones with the intention of pulling out concentration away from your large nose. It is important that you should make your better attributes more noticeable and your insubstantial attributes must be darkened at some extent.

Tip #5: Know nose make-up rules.

There is no magical type of foundation that will make your nose appear petite. On the other hand, utilizing a powder can avoid glow from highlighting your nose. Try to utilize a similar type of foundation you utilized on the rest of your face. However, be certain to utilize powder to keep your nose away from shining. The only efficient means of making your nose look more petite is to avoid highlighting it.

Tip #6: Using lipstick.

Lipstick is considered as the most excellent means for withdrawing concentration to your nose. Using bold lipstick can make your nose look undersized by means of giving contrast to your lips. Lipstick, instead of lip gloss, drags the eyes to the soft shape of your mouth, away from your nose.

Tip #7: Learn to put eye make-up properly.

This is also another means to consider if you want to draw off attention from your nose. Highlight your eyes through the use of liners, mascara and eyeshadow. However, you must not use bold lipstick and bold eye make-up simultaneously because you will look like a clown. Highlight one facial attribute at a time only.

Tip #8: Put your hair up.

Pulling up your hair will partially make your nose look smaller because you will accentuate extra facial area. Once your hair covers your face, you will most likely accentuate the middle part, which is your nose.

Who says it is impossible to get a smaller nose without plastic surgery? With a few make-up rules, you will be able to conceal the large spot.

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