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How to Remove Holes Caused by Acne Scars – 7 Tips to Stay Away from An Uglier Looking Face

Holes from acne scars are developed by mediocre to acute acne. The holes manifest as your skin drops its original foundation, thus making a hole-like manifestation. Luckily, these holes can be treated by lots of treatments recommended by dermatologists.  These treatments can help lessen the look of the scars as well as put off the formation of new ones. Learn more about how to remove holes caused by acne scars.

Remove Holes Caused by Acne Scars

Remove Holes Caused by Acne Scars

Tip #1: Remedy the existing acne prior to eliminating holes it can cause.

You can ask your dermatologist for the perfect product that will suit your skin type in treating existing acne. The dermatologist may suggest use of topical retinoids, oral antibiotics, and oral contraceptives to get to the bottom of the acne. As soon as the acne is managed, he/she will look at your scars and suggest the most suitable medication process.

Tip #2: Undergo laser skin resurfacing.

This is considered extremely efficient in treating acne scar holes. The dermatologist utilizes laser to bring about injuries to your skin. It is better to go along with your physician’s commands following medication to help in accurate healing. Normally, you will be required to put on antibiotic ointment on the affected part for several weeks.

Tip #3: Ask for an acne surgical process to eliminate holes due to acne scars.

This is considered as one of the largely efficient means in eliminating this form of disfigurement. Your physician will fill up the scar to reduce its look. The staining will endure for several weeks following the surgical process.

Tip #4: Utilize filler medications.

The dermatologist will inject artificial fillers in your skin to fill up acne holes.  Occasionally, the surgeon utilizes tissues taken from your body to fill in the holes.  The outcomes of this process endure up to three months. You will be required to undergo filler treatments every three months to preserve outcomes. Recuperating period for this process is around three days.

Tip #5: Try chemical peels.

You can treat your acne holes by means of chemical peels. Your dermatologist will put on an extremely acidic emulsion to remove the topmost coating of your skin.  This is performed to make way for the development of new skin. Nursing back to health will take as much as two weeks. It is very important that you should follow your doctor’s advice and stay away from sunlight until such time that the treated part heals completely.

Tip #6: Cleanse your skin every day with a medicated facial wash.

It would be better if you will moisten your face first with tepid water before massaging the face wash on the affected part. Make sure not to rub your skin vigorously. Rinse the facial wash with tepid water.

Tip #7: Put on an acne scar lotion onto your face each night (use sunscreen during the day).

Do this prior to going to bed. The lotion will lessen or remove acne scars not only on your face but in other parts of your body as well. Make sure to put on sunscreen on your skin before going out of the sun after each treatment to avoid further complications on your skin.

These are tips you should carefully consider if you want to remove holes caused by acne scars. Do not wait until such time that the holes will grow bigger than you could ever imagine.

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