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How to Bleach Skin with a Pill – 7 Tips to Have a Whiter Skin Using a Pill

White skin is what everybody wishes all over the world. Because of this, there are a lot of bleaching products sold worldwide. They are in the forms of soaps and creams. Now here comes bleaching pills! These pills have glutathione as the primary ingredient which is an amino acid that is said to inhibit the production of melanin which causes lightening of the skin. Although there are no scientific studies yet that support glutathione pills as a skin lightener, many websites claim that these pills can whiten the skin. If you are one of those fanatics of glutathione then you can take them but be cautious. No doctors and dermatologists recommend the use of such supplements. If you want to bleach skin with a pill, here are tips to remember though.

Bleach Skin with a Pill

Bleach Skin with a Pill

Tip # 1: Use it in combination with Vitamin C tablets.

You’ll be needing vitamin C tablets when taking skin whitening pills with glutathione. So be sure to have both of them. It is said that this vitamin enhances glutathione to be more effective at whitening skin.

Tip # 2: You must be at least 18 years to try it.

One requirement of using skin bleaching pills is that you need to reach the age of 18 or older first before you can try it.

Tip # 3: Consider some factors before taking the pills.

Recommended dose of these pills depend on two factors. These are your body weight and skin tone. You have to know them first before you take any dose of the bleaching pills.

Tip # 4: Read instructions.

Read instructions indicated outside the package and follow them strictly. It is mentioned there how many pills you may take. Usually 4 to 5 tablets are recommended daily depending on your weight and skin color. A person with lighter skin takes fewer pills a day.

Tip # 5: Use it with skin whitening soaps but cautiously.

The regular use of skin whitening soaps and creams is okay when taking whitening pills. If some reactions will occur with the pills you should stop using them.

Tip #6: Consider the effects of using skin bleaching pills.

The effect of glutathione pills vary to every user depending on their skin tone. It can take longer with consumers who have darker skin. Take precautions with these pills since there are no enough evidences that glutathione really lightens the skin.

Tip #7: Heed some warnings.

The use of skin bleaching pills is not recommended for patients undertaking chemotherapy medication or any other drugs used to treat psychosis. Alcohol, according to some users hinders glutathione from being absorbed by the body. Use sun block cream with high SPF if under the sun when taking whitening pills but if possible avoid sun exposure if needed.

The use of glutathione for skin bleaching is safe. There are no known side effects. It cannot only enlighten or whiten the skin but also can fight some diseases like cancers, thyroid problems, liver problems, heart diseases, infertility and chronic fatigue to name a few.

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