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How to Do Body Bleaching – 7 Tips to Achieve Success in Bleaching the Whole Body

Both men and women have problems in skin bleaching. They want their skin to have one color without those unwanted spots. Hydroquinone is usually used as a topical medication for bleaching skin areas with abnormal pigmentation. This discoloration of the skin can be the cause of age spots, freckles or melasma. In this case your dermatologist may prescribe hydroquinone to treat such skin conditions or you can purchase a drug with a lower concentration that is available over-the-counter.

Hydroquinone is applied two times a day until you achieved the desired results. Usually, it will take four weeks to notice a change in your skin. If ever there is no improvement seen in your skin after three months, consult your dermatologist or stop the use of this product. Also, you may consider the following tips on how to do body bleaching.

Do Body Bleaching

Do Body Bleaching

Tip # 1: Prepare the materials needed.

Prepare the materials that you may need in doing the body bleaching process. These are hydroquinone, soap, cleanser, moisturizer and sun block. Have them all ready before proceeding to the next step in order to complete the procedure.

Tip # 2: Application of hydroquinone.

First, apply a small amount of hydroquinone on a part of the skin that you wish to lighten. This is to test the sensitivity of the skin with hydroquinone before applying to a large area. Inspect the test area after 24 hours. If there is redness seen in the area and if you experience itching then do not continue to use the product.

Tip # 3: Prepare the skin.

Thoroughly clean the skin area where you plan to do bleaching. Use a mild cleanser and water in cleaning your skin. After cleaning, let the area dry completely.

Tip # 4: Application of hydroquinone.

Apply a thin layer of hydroquinone to your skin with abnormal pigmentation. Distribute it evenly onto your skin using your finger. Try not to spread some of the creams to the skin not affected by abnormal discoloration.

Tip # 5: Wash hands.

Use lukewarm water and soap to thoroughly wash your hands. You will need to wash away the residue of hydroquinone before going to other parts of the process.

Tip # 6: Use moisturizer and sun block.

Wait for 5 minutes before you apply a moisturizer, sun block or other products to your skin. Do not use harsh products on the treated skin. It is necessary to follow the above tips carefully for the success of body bleaching.

Tip # 7: Consider all other reminders that will help.

Do not use this product for bleaching if you are pregnant or breastfeeding also if you are suffering from kidney disease as well as liver disease. If possible avoid applying hydroquinone near the eyes, nose and mouth. If ever it gets into these sensitive areas, try to rinse it well with water. Avoid using hydroquinone on broken areas of the skin as well as dry and damaged areas. During the treatment, avoid too much exposure to sunlight and avoid the use of tanning beds or other similar devices. Do not use hydroquinone in conjunction with products which contain peroxide because this can temporarily stain the skin.

These are tips to carefully consider when you want to undergo body bleaching on your own. If you cannot do this on your own, you may always ask help from professionals.

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