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How to Bleach with Orange Peel – 6 Steps in Creating a Great Mixture for Skin Peeling

When it comes to lightening the color of your skin, it is necessary that you should choose the most natural way of doing it because there are bleaching agents that are not safe to use. Lots of bleaching products available in the market have harmful chemicals that may injure your skin particularly if you will not use them properly. You may also experience allergic reactions from these products.  Bleaching through the natural way is a secure option to use. One of the safest means of lightening the color of your skin is through or orange peel. Your question now is: How can you bleach with an orange peel?

Bleach with Orange Peel

Bleach with Orange Peel

Step #1: Learn facts about orange peel.

Aside from the fact the orange itself is a fruit loaded with vitamin C, it also contains a lot more of nutrients like folacin as well as modest amounts of calcium, potassium, thiamin, niacin and magnesium. The peel of an orange is considered a secure and natural means of lightening the color of your skin and it is also less expensive, unlike the other types of methods. You can utilize an orange peel not only to lighten the color of your skin, but also the marks and scars on the other parts of your body. It is excellently secure and easy to use each day, since it is natural.

Step #2: Proceed to preparing the things needed in bleaching with an orange peel.

You may think that all you need in the process is an orange peel. But there is more to that though. You will also be in need of bowl, spoon and milk.

Step #3:  Separate the fruit and the peels of two oranges.

Let the peels dry under the sun for about a week or until it can already be mashed effortlessly by your hands. Make sure that the peels are really dried up properly before using them. Mash the peels of the oranges in a bowl or container, using your hand. Go on mashing them until they are evenly pulverized.

Step # 4: Put some milk into mixture.

Put a quantity of milk into the pulverized orange peel and blend it thoroughly with a spoon. The quantity of milk will differ according to the bulk of the orange peels and the way they were dried. Make sure that there are several tablespoons at hand when making the mixture. Whisk in an adequate amount of milk into the pulverized orange peel to create thick paste consistency.

Step #5: Apply it on your skin.

After making the mixture of orange peels and milk, put on a light coating of the concocted blend unto your skin and let it dry for approximately 20 to 25 minutes. When the mixture had already dried up unto your skin, wash it off with cold water. Make sure that no residue of the mixture is left on your skin.

Step #6: Store the mixture and use the blend daily.

You can keep the leftover mixture in the refrigerator but be sure that it is tightly sealed to avoid oxidizing. Put on the blend everyday for as long as you wish or until you have obtained the preferred outcome.

An orange peel is an inexpensive method to get skin peels. Try the steps mentioned herein and you will surely save money on bleaching.


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