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How to Resurface Men’s Skin – 5 Tips to Make Sure the Procedure Succeeds

Women are vainer in taking care of the skin when compared to men. But today, men are also conscious like women on how to attain that younger, smoother and flawless skin. Men however tend to avoid going to beauty spas and just choose to do it at home. There are excellent products available in the market, those that are especially formulated for men’s skin today. This is made for home use to make it easier for men to stay youthful looking and get their skin in shape. Here are tips on how to resurface men’s skin.

Resurface Men’s Skin

Resurface Men’s Skin

Tip #1: Know what you actually need.

Prepare all the necessary materials such as the microdermabrasion cream, application wand and chemical peel kit. You will of course need a moisturizer, glycerin or aloe-based shaving cream.

Tip #2: Put a monthly microdermabrasion routine into practice.

In doing this, be sure it is recommended by your dermatologist. Microdermabrasion is composed of cream filled with crystals that do the dirty work. Apply enough amounts to the desired area and massage using your fingers. Don’t put too much pressure on your face while doing this. If you have a battery-powered massage wand, use this to massage the affected area for at least 20 minutes. You will see the big difference after 5-month treatments. Your skin will look healthier and younger.

Tip #3: Swab a chemical peel to assist in removing damaged layers of the skin.

Always read the manufacturer’s direction thoroughly for instructions before using this specially-formulated acid to avoid further damage to your skin. Then, apply the serum to neutralize the acid and end the tingling feelings in the skin. Although you can easily buy over-the-counter chemical peels, it is still best if you ask your dermatologist about your plans of using the chemicals. Sun damage will require a professional grade peel.

Tip #4: Use a power cleansing product.

This can be used to soften pores and stimulate the circulation. A high-speed brush massager can do the trick in removing top layers of dead skin, although it is not as effective as microdermabrasion. It can also remove dirts and oils from the affected area. For best result, do this procedure weekly and you will be able to maintain healthy skin and improve the damaged skin overtime. Don’t forget to use moisturizer during every cleansing to speed up the healing.

Tip #5: Heal the skin after shaving.

You can do this by using a glycerin- or aloe-based shaving cream. It is best to apply moisturizer while the skin is still damp from shaving. Always stay healthy by drinking plenty of water everyday and using sun block products when you go out of the sun. Sometimes, weather can be so harsh and this is the only way we can protect ourselves from sun exposure.

Aging, sun exposure and lifestyles can be a great contribution to facial wrinkles. Brown spots or blotchiness may also occur as we grow older, but this can be improved by skin resurfacing. Always ask your dermatologist what best treatment is good for you. Avoid buying over-the-counter creams and medicines that promise good results without the consultation from the experts. This will create more problems later on. If you want to have the best skin resurfacing for men, you have to heed with these pieces of advice.

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