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How to Know about Derma Micro Needle

A derma micro needle is a handheld device used for home beauty treatments. The equipment is made up of a small plastic roller covered in small needles which punctures the skin. The purpose of a derma micro needle is to help remove skin blemishes, old acne scars, stretch marks, and to rejuvenate the skin.  Derma micro needles are safe, non-ablative, non-surgical, less invasive methods of treatment to get rid of various skin problems. Learn more about the derma micro needle through tips found below.Derma Micro Needle

Tip #1: Know about its features.

The derma micro needle roller is equipped with sterilized high strength medical PVC plastic silicone micro needles perforate the skin. It creates micro channels to increase infiltration and absorbency of topical treatments by 90%. The derma micro needle roller operates by removing the epidermal skin. It also penetrates the skin to increase the production of collagen in the dermal layer. Collagen is a major component of tissue and cell structure. This is a protein which carries a responsibility of making the skin elastic and strong.

Tip #2: Know how the product was designed.

The derma micro needle roller was designed with precision. This skin penetration technology creates deeper micro needle channels to further allow serum, gels, medications, or other forms of skin treatment to penetrate deeper into the skin layers for maximum absorption and effectiveness. Using this kind of method can increase cell membrane and DNA regeneration. This method is also considered safe to be used, and benefit cosmetic indications and rejuvenate your skin by overcoming the epidermal barrier. It can also increase the effectiveness of topical skin treatment while preserving the outer layer of the skin.

Tip #3: Inquire about its effectiveness.

Studies show that this kind of method is more accurate than ablative treatments such as laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion and dermabrasion. The creation of micro-channels within the dermal layers has been proven to stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis that can help increase the production level to thicken skin, erase wrinkles and smooth scars.

Tip #4: Know the purpose for which it is used.

A derma micro needle roller increases the effectiveness of your hair and skin care beauty products because it increases the penetration. It could also stimulate blood circulation by directly massaging the scalp, face and body. The process is not painful and will only give you a tickling sensation. It’s also non-allergic to humans because the materials are made of medical grade stainless and plastic. The device can be used on all areas of the scalp, face, neck, and body. When inserted into the skin, they pierce the stratum corneum and create microconduits for transferring across the straum corneum. Microneedles or also known as derma rollers are unique beauty device sthat claim to help remove wrinkles, soften acne scars, dry skin, smooth out cellulite and stretch marks. It also minimizes pores and stimulates collagen.

Tip #5: Know what to expect after using one.

You may just experience some redness for a few days after the treatment, and you can use sunscreen before going out of the sun. Never use this device if you have sunburn, open cut, wounds, sores, and sensitive areas of the skin. Always wash the micro needle with hot water after using. If you have used numbing cream, fill a large glass half full of disinfectant solution and leave for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Now that you have gathered facts about this skin roller, you can make use of it for your particular issues. Make sure you ask the help of an expert if you are not so sure about how the device works.

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